Muslim Women

Just like the sun of the earth,

They are the pearls of our hearts,

Beautified for the life of this world,

How would the world have been without them?


The first precious gift ever,

Presented to the first man ever,

Created from the bent rib,

No wonder, they make us trip.


Treat with kindness like Queens,

They raise for you, Kings, Princes and Princesses,

Treat them like slaves,

They give you the worst bring ever.


They are garments for us,

Encompassing us with love, warmth and beauty,

Providing comfort and security,

They are the epitome of beauty,

Custodian of modesty and chastity.


Raise these rare gems,

Upbring them and rear them,

A place in Jannah is there for you,

Hur 'Een awaiting your arrival,

To dwell therein with tranquility forever.



Despite their deficiency in ability and reasoning,

Being cautious and sensible mightn't save from their fitnah,

The great fitnah left for opposite gender,

They can make and mar any matter.


The best is who is best to them,

Because, we are their protector and maintainer,

May Allah grant us the pious spouse,

Who will take us to Jannah.


©Abu Mus'ab B.A.M.

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