Number One For You

When you at first met him,
The world greatest gift he seemed,
"I will never,"said he,"hurt you"he screamed.
With pleasure and warm smile he beamed.
Though he promised to be there for you,
What about the crazy things he used to do?
All the bearable pain he put you through?
But for divorce, you do not want to sue.
Never mind about the times he made you cry,
The numerous days he told you lies.
Worry not about your dismay, you will rise,
For all the things you have sacrificed.
Behind every happy home you see,
The pair once bridged their differences.
Stick to him as a sheep stick to a ewe,
Because he is the 'Number One For You'.
From the pen of:
     Adeyi Kabeerah Eniola
Dedicated to;
  All spouses in the whole Universe...
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