The Ordinary People

The gift of life is cherished,

Yet they have to choose

Death or get famished.

Their past was awful,

The now is horrible.

 And the future looking miserable.


What have they done wrong?

They have suffered for so long,

And are tired of mourn songs.

But who will right the wrong?


Told to go to school,

They travel to and fro without food

Will write on the floor with no stool

When happiness comes at the half hour,

They lack cash for the break

But since at least they could play,

They will play joyously on bare feet.


At noon, they return to their abode

They are bonafide residents of the Ghetto.

Wandering on the street for Milo.

They get drenched on the way back home;

Only to get home and feed on dog bones!


They eat with tears and smile,

They will frown but at least they are fine,

They will fetch from the neighbourhood leaked pipe,

And drink as if it is sap,

They will appreciate it and laugh.

What a day!

They will pray and sleep.


Since dream land is always a nice place to visit,

There, they live the life they admire;

Fulfilling their heart desires,

They enjoy freedom,

They experience comfort,

And receive prestige.

Just to wake up and realize the unfriendly reality,

Oh, they are just but mere dreamers!


They were rich and wealthy before,

They fulfilled their dream tour,

Only asking for more When the cock crows.

So it was just a dream!

They would lament over and over again.


Politicians gave them hope,

They promise to help build their roads,

And vow to help achieve their goals.

But after what they thought was a right decision,

Voting blindly for the manifesto,

Gradually they will fathom;

That it was a mere game on their future.


Is it a crime to be poor?

They get treated like cows,

They live at the worst place,

They breathe the worst breath,

They consume the worst meals,

How are they going to die?

Who should we blame for their strife?

Should we blame man or God?


by✍: Maiyaki Abubakar Damilare

            [email protected]

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