Once upon a world of old

This is what I behold

As my arms I fold

I saw a beautiful world!

Which was cool and not cold.


A world where the men were clean

And the maidens were virgins!

Adults were full of lessons,

Enough to cater for the offsprings.


Everyone was happy,

Because all were trustworthy

There is no reason for dubiety

For the background is already a surety.


The husband was calm

Cause he married from a good home

The wife was in peace whelmed

‘cos she was not bethroted to someone that maims

Then higher the world aimed.


Then there was an alteration

In the name of civilization

Which caused only destruction

Destruction in summation.


Maidens are no more virgins

Men stink in sins

Adults have to give but nothing

And the society became totally unclean


Then I wonder what causes this sagacity?

And I realized it's loss of the dignity

The self-respect in humanity

Which has turned everyone to piggy.


Men believe the secret of their impurity,

Will never leak to the society

Maidens no more care

Cause they've lost fear.


For the culture is no more

The deflowered is not punished anymore!


So this is going to continue

Until they recreate the avenue

Where all wrongs will be subdued

Till then, the saga will continue!


Hamidah Abdulfattah akeyede


dawahnigeria admin
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