"In his tenth year in Madinah it was-announced to all people that Allah's Messenger will offer the pilgrimage. Many people flocked to Madinah seeking to follow the guidance to Allah's messenger (PBUH) and to do like him. We went out with him until we arrived at Dhul-Hlilaifah. The Prophet (PBUH) offered his prayers at the Mosque there and mounted his she camel, al-Qaswa '. When his or she camel was well into the desert I looked up and saw all around me people walking on foot, or riding animals, accompanying him. Whatever he did, we did likewise. He (PBUH) raised his voice with phrases stressing Allah's unity:

"Labbaik AI/ahumma Labbaik, Labbaik Laa shareeka Laka Labaik. Inn al-hamda wa-nnimata laka walmulk, Laa shareeka lak"

People-raised their voices with whatever praises they wished to repeat, and the Prophet (PBUH) did not take exception to any of it.

"We did not intend to do anything other than pilgrimage. We knew nothing about Umra. When we arrived at the House with the Prophet (PBUH) he kissed the Black Stone; then he moved in a jogging movement for three rounds and walked the other four. He then went to Maqam Ibraheem and recited

"And take you the station of Ibrahim as a place of prayer" (Q2:125)

He stood with Maqam between him and the Ka'aba. In his two rak'ahs he read Surah "Al-Kafiroon". He then returned to kiss the Black Stone.

He then left through the door nearer to the hill of Safa. When he approached Safa he read:

"Sofa and Marwah are two places which AI/ah has made sacred." He also said: "I start with the one with which Allah has started."

He went first to Safa and climbed up until he could see the Ka'aba. He turned his face towards the Qiblah and declared Allah's unity and glorified Him. He then said:

"There is no deity except Allah' He has no partners, to Him belongs the Kingdom as well as all praise. He is able to do everything. There is no deity except Allah. He has fulfilled His promise, given victory to His servant and has defeated the confederates on His own. "

He repeated these phrases three times, then descended toward Marwah: When he was at the bottom of the valley (marked nowadays with the two green marks) he started running. -When we were again climbing up he walked. When he arrived at Marwah he did there the same as he did at Safah.

On the day of Tarwiyah (the 8th of Dhul-Hijjah) they, proceeded to Mina resolving to do the pilgrimage. The Prophet (PBUH) mounted his she-camel and prayed at Mina the prayers of Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, lsha and Fajr (meaning that he stayed all day and through the night). He stayed on until after sunrise. The Prophet (PBUH) then proceeded. The Quraish people were certain that he would stop at AI-Mash 'or al-Haram (in Muzdalifah) in the same way as Quraish used to do before Islam. The Prophet (PBUH), however proceeded until he came to the dome which was erected for him at Namirah and dismounted there. When it was midday he proceeded to the middle of the valley of Arafat.

He addressed the people. Then he said the adhan (the call to prayers) and followed it by iqamah and prayed Dhuhr. He then said another iqamah and prayed Asr. He did not pray any nawaafil between them. He remained in attendance at Arafat until the sun had set and a little yellowness appeared and the whole of the round shape of the sun had completely disappeared. Thereafter, he proceeded.

When he arrived at Muzdalifah he prayed there the two prayers of Magrib and Isha. He then prayed Fajr or dawn prayers, when-he was sure: that it was time for it. Adhan and iqamah were said before that prayer. He then moved on 'until he arrived at al-Mash 'ar al-Haram and facing the qiblah, he praised Allah, glorified Him until the light of day was very bright. He then moved forward before sunrise.

When he arrived at Muhassar Valley, he proceeded up to the Jamrah which is by the tree where he did the stoning. He threw a stone, he said: "Allahu Akbar" (Allah is the Greatest). When he did his stoning he stood at the bottom of the valley (so that Mina, Arafat and Muzdalifa were on his nght hand side and Makkah was to his left). He then went to the slaughter place where he did his own sacrifice. The Prophet (PBUH) then went straight on to Makkah. Arriving at the Ka 'aba he did the tawaf ifaadah and prayed Dhuhr at Makkah. He then went toward Zamzam, where he drank of its water.

Being an abridged text of the Prophet's' pilgrimage (PBUH) as given by Jabir ibn Abdullah (one of his companions).



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