All the Messengers preached Tawheed

The Qur'aan has illustrated that the Messengers (peace be upon them all) all began their missions by inviting the people to tawheed before anything else, as Allaah says:

"And We sent a messenger to every nation (proclaiming): 'Worship Allaah and shun false deities!" (Q16:36)

Allaah also says:

"And We never sent any messenger before you, except that we revealed to him that 'There is no deity worthy of worship except Me, so worship Me!" (Q2:25)

And every Prophet used to say to his people:

"0 my people, Worship Allaah as you have no other deity worthy of worship!" (Q7:95)

So this was the affair of the Messengers -they began with tawheed. Similarly the callers and revivalists who followed the Messengers used to begin by focusing on tawheed. That is because every single da'wah [call to Islam] that is not built upon tawheed is a fruitless call that does not fulfill its purpose, and there is no positive result to it. Every da'wah that does not focus on tawheed is a lost call, with regards to its end results. This is something well known and seen all over.

On the other hand, every da'wah centered on tawheed is a truly successful call, by Allaah's permission, a call that benefits the society and bears many fruits. History bears witness to this. So we are not neglecting the issues of the Muslims, rather we are very concerned about them. We are assisting them and trying to prevent any harm from reaching them using all our resources. It is not something light on us that the Muslims are being killed and exiled, but it is not true concern for the situation of the Muslims that we force ourselves to shed tears insincerely, or that we fill the world with speeches and writings, screaming and wailing ... for verily this does not accomplish a thing. Finding the real solution to the Muslims' problems requires us to seek out the reasons that have led to the punishments afflicting the Muslims at the hands of their enemies.

What is causing the enemies of the Muslims to gain and hold authority over them?

When we look to the Muslim world, we do not see any serious commitment to Islaam with most of those who ascribe to it, except the few that Allaah has had Mercy on. What we see are. Muslims by name only, the 'aqeedah [creed] of most of them is lost. They worship other than Allaah, calling on saints and righteous people, not establishing the prayer, not paying zakaah, not fasting, etc. This is the case with the majority of those who ascribe themselves to Islaam - they have lost their religion, so

Allaah, the Mighty and Majestic, caused them to be lost.

‘Lessons from the Qur'an’ is the work one of the eminent Saudi scholars, Shaykh Saalih al-Fawzan.

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