Long time ago, some people started a practice no one has ever done before them: men started having sexual relationship with men and they believed that it is okay to do so. Their prophet warned them, but they denied him, threatened him and continued their evil way. Since evil beget evil, they soon added some; more evils like robbing travellers and collective general wickedness. Then Allaah punished them with a punishment that He had not punished other people with before them, thus making them a sign for people to come, but how many will take heed? These were the people of Lut (peace be upon him) and their story follows in the next lines. Perhaps, we will learn from what happened to them as AIIaah says:

"Have they not travelled through the earth, and seen what was the end of those before them? Allaah destroyed them completely and a similar (fate awaits) the disbelievers." (Q47:10).


This city was filled with evil, its residents waylaid, robbed and killed traveler. Another common evil among them was that men had sex with men instead of with women. It was practiced openly and unashamedly. This unnatural act later became known as sodomy (after the city of Sodom). Allaah revealed to Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) that he should summon the people to give up their indecent behavior, but they were so deeply sunk in their immoral habits that they were deaf to Luts [peace be upon him] preaching. Swamped in their unnatural desires, they refused to listen, even when Lut [peace be upon him] warned them of AIIaah punishment. Instead, they threatened to drive him out of the city if he kept on preaching.

Admonitions of Prophet Lut [peace be upon Admonitions of Prophet Lut [peace be upon him] First he invited them to worship of Allaah (as all the Prophets do), obedience to His laws and following His Prophet. Allaah says:

"The people of Lut belied the Messengers. When their brother Lut said to them: "Will you not fear Allaah and obey Him? Verily! I am a trustworthy Messenger to you. So fear Allaah, keep your duty to Him, and obey me. No reward do I ask of you for it (my Message of Islamic Monotheism), my reward is only from the Lord of the Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists). "" (Q26:160-164).

Then he warned them about the sins that they were infamous for, namely: sodomy, robbery and general wickedness:

"You commit AI-Fahishah (sodomy the worst sin) which none has preceded you in (committing) it in the Alamin (mankind and jinns). Verily, you do sodomy with men, and rob the wayfarer (travellers, etc.)! And practise AI-Munkar (disbelief and polytheism and every kind of evil wicked deed) in your meetings."(Q29:28-29) 

The People's Response The people of Lut [peace be upon him] have responded to his admonition by denying his prophethood, threatening him and daring the punishment of Allaah. Allaah says,

"The people of Lut (peace be upon him) belied the warnings." (Q54:33).

Then they had the audacity to warn the Prophet sent to them, they said,

"If you cease not. O Lut! Verily, you will be one of those who are driven out!" (Q26:167).

They even made it seem bad to be good; while admitting the correctness of his ways and the evil of theirs! They said,

"Drive out the family of Lut from your city. Verily, these are men who want to be clean and pure!" (Q27:56).

Then they became so enraged at his preaching that they dared the punishment of Allaah, they said:

"Bring Allaah Torment upon us if you are one of the truthful."" (Q29:29)

The Angels Visit When Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) found out that his people are not going to change, he supplicated to Allaah for victory over them. He said:

"My Lord! Give me victory over the people who are Mufsidun (those who commit great crimes and sins, oppressors, tyrants, mischief makers, corrupts)." (Q29:30) 

Meanwhile, Allaah's punishment was on its way. Allaah sent three angels in the form of men to the town of Sadum to destroy it. When they got to the house of Prophet Lut (peace be upon him), he was very much worried. Why? There he was with three very handsome young men and he was well aware of his people reputation with male strangers. Allaah says,

"And when Our Messengers came to Lut, he was grieved on their account and felt himself straitened for them (lest the town people should approach them to commit sodomy with them). He said: "This is a distressful day. "" (Q11:77)

When his people got to know that Lut (peace be upon him) had some male visitors, they were so overjoyed, it was as if they were drunk. Allaah says:

"And the inhabitants of the city came rejoicing (at the news of the young. mens arrival). [Lut] said: "Verily! these are my guests, so shame me not. And fear Allaah and disgrace me not. "" (Q15:67-69) 

The people reminded Lut (peace be upon him) that, they had earlier warned him not to receive or protect any human being. Look at their insolence; rather than of follow their Prophet, they refused and imposed conditions on him! They said:

"Did we not forbid you to entertain (or protect) any of the Alamin (people, foreigners, strangers, etc. from us)?" (Q15:70) 

Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) then reminded them of what they already know: they have wives or there are women in their society that they could marry. These are the natural mates that Allaah created for them. Is there not a single sensible person amongst you? Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) said:

"O my people! Here are my daughters (i.e. the daughters of my nation), they are purer for you (if you marry them lawfully). So fear Allaah and degrade me not as regards my guests! Is there not among you a single right minded man?" (Q11:78)

 In their shamelessness, they responded that Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) knew that they were only interested in the males and not females. They said:

"Surely you know that we have neither any desire nor in need of your daughters, and indeed you know well what we want!"(Q 11:79).

Allaah says, "Verily, by your life (O Muhammad), in their wild intoxication, they were wandering blindly. " (Q15:72) 

When the situation became very dire ヨ his people would not desist from their evil demand -, Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) said:

"Would that I had strength (men) to overpower you, or that I could betake myself to some powerful support (to resist you)." (Q11:80).

At that point; when Prophet Lut [peace be upon him] was at the point of despair, the visitors revealed their true identities as angels from Allaah, and reassured him that he would not be harmed. They [the angels] said:

"O Lut! Verily; we are the Messengers from your Lord! They shall not reach you! So travel with your family in a part of the night, and let not any of you look back, but your wife (will remain behind. Verily, the punishment which will afflict them, will afflict her. Indeed, morning is their appointed time. Is not the morning near?" (Q11:81) .

The first punishment

Then Allaah blinded them all, Allaah says, "And they indeed sought to shame his guest (by asking to commit sodomy with them). So We blinded their eyes." (Q54:37).

It was said that Jibreel came out to them and struck them on their faces with his wing, which resulted in them becoming blind. It was such a strike that they said that their eyes disappeared completely.

The final punishment

Then Prophet Lut (peace be upon him) left the city with his family of two daughters. When they had left and the sun rose, the punishment of Allaah approached them. First, they were struck by a loud, awful noise, then, their town was turned upside down. Allaah says: "So As-Saihah (torment - awful cry, etc.) overtook them at the time of sunrise" (Q15:73)

Then, "We turned (the towns of Sodom in Palestine) upside down, and rained on them stones of baked clay, piled up; Marked from your Lord, and they are not ever far from the Zalimun (polytheists, evil-doers, etc.). "(Q11 :82-83).

It was mentioned that Jibreel uprooted the city and those around it with its inhabitants and animals. They were together seven cities. He lifted them so high into the sky that angels heard their cries and the barking of their dogs. He then threw the city, with all its inhabitants, upside down, making its top the bottom. He then covered it with rain of hard stones, one after another, layer upon layer. Each stone had the name of a person (Tafsir Ibn Kathir) And all these they suffered for their crimes of denying the Messengers and committing evil and heinous crimes, the likes of which had not been recorded before them as a recompense for what they had earned of evil deeds and as a lesson for those coming behind. Allaah says:

"And We rained on them a rain (of torment). And how evil was the rain of those who had been warned. Verily, in this is indeed a sign, yet most of them are not believers. And verily! Your Lord, He is indeed the All- Mighty, the Most Merciful." (Q26:173-175)

So back to the present days, most people have behaved just as Allaah mentioned in the Noble Quran, "Yet most of them are not believers". People seem to have forgotten what happened to the people of Lut (peace be upon him) and other criminals from the people of old. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: "From among the portents of the Hour are (the following): Religious knowledge will be taken away (by the death of religious learned men),(Religious) ignorance will prevail, Drinking of alcoholic drinks (will be very common),There will be prevalence of open illegal sexual intercourse." (Bukhari). Take a look around and think: is the hour not truly near? Allaah says: 

"Evil (sins and disobedience of AIlaah, etc.) has appeared on land and sea because of what the hands of men have earned (by oppression and evil deeds, etc.}, that AIlaah may make them taste a part of that which they have done, in order that they may return (by repenting to AIlaah, and begging His Pardon). Say: "Travel in the land and see what, was the end of those before you. Most of them were Mushrikun (the disbelievers in the Oneness of AIlaah)." (Q30:41-42)

The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon them), said: "O Muhajirun, beware of five traits: if ever immorality spreads in a community and there is no sense of shame on its occurrence or mentioning it [and people talk about it as if nothing bad has taken place], diseases which were not present in the time of their predecessors will spread among them. If they decrease the measure and weight (of sold grains or food), they will be overcome by poverty, their provisions will decrease and their ruler will be unjust. If they refrain from paying the zakah due on their properties, they will be deprived of rain, unless they get it only for the sake of their cattle.

If they renounce their commitment to Allah and His Messenger, they will be governed by an enemy who is a stranger to them and who will take away some of what they possess. If their rulers do not rule according to Allahs Book, they will be afflicted by civil war. Allah forbid that these should happen to you"(lbn Majah). Allaah is the source of all help.


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