Pick Up A Sunnah… A bottle for another

"The one who licks honey during three early mornings of each month will shun the greatest afflictions".

Rasulullahi (PBUH) said of honey (Ibn Majah). In this part of the world it is usually stored and sold in bottles. It is of immense benefit. It removes dirt from the veins and from the intestines. It is nutritious and it's a laxative. If the teeth are cleaned with honey, it polishes them. Drinking honey on an empty stomach relieves one of phlegm, washes the fibres of the stomach, clears the obstructions of the liver and kidney. Honey is a nutriment, a remedy, a beverage. It is safe, rarely damaging. Nothing is better than honey, nor equal nor similar to it. It is a bottled drink of unparalled benefit - a drink of Paradise (Q47: 15). Having honey in the house is sunnah of the Prophet (PBUH) and his favourite remedy to ailments. He advised:

 "Resort to the two remdies: the honey and the Qur'an ". (Tirmidhi)

So pick up this sunnah, pick a bottle of honey and shore up your health.

“O you who believe! Truly intoxicants and gambling.... are all abomination of Shaytan's doing. Avoid it ill order that you may be successful. "(Q5:90)  

…Drop A Vice

There is yet another bottled drink - Khamr. It is a powerful poison which in man's body is destructive to both mental and physical processes. The central nervous system is the first to feel its effects. Long before the drinker begins to stagger and feel uncertain in his steps, his brain processes are slowed down. Memory and mental concentration are impaired. Alcohol can seriously damage the stomach, liver, blood vessels, kidneys and nervous system. It lowers the resistance of the body to disease, especially those affecting the lungs such as pneumonia and tuberculosis. Aside from negative physical effects, alcohol also impairs judgement and deprives a man of the sense of right and wrong - that is why it is

"an abomination of Shaytan's doing" (Q5:90).

So don't store up your death in your house, don't take and don't give it either, drop it instead before you drop into the fire of Hell because

"every intoxicant is Khamr, and every Khamr is haram (forbidden). (Abu Daud)

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