Brother's Keeper

Some Jumahs [Friday salaah] ago, the unexpected happened; I had just returned home after a very busy day and decided to make some important phone calls.  I confidently dipped my hand into my bag to pick out my phone but received a great shocker! Alas! My phone was nowhere to be found!   I tried calling my number from another phone with the hope that it had dropped off somewhere in the house. 

It rang and rang but was obviously nowhere in the house. Like the Yorubas would say, 'my head flew away’! I felt completely exposed. I couldn't even think what to do next. Imagine, all the numbers and links, all the important messages, notes and of course the cost of buying a new sim card and handset in these harsh times!   The saddest part of it all was that I could not think of any possible place where the phone dropped off and so did not know where to start looking for it. I decided not to give up hope and continued calling the phone which kept on ringing with no response. I started making frantic calls to my family members warning them not to honour any calls from my number as the phone was missing.

They in turn started calling the number with the hope that whoever took or found the phone could be persuaded to at least drop off the sim card somewhere for me to pick it up. Knowing that only Allaah could touch whoever had the phone, we all kept on trying.   Later that night, our efforts were rewarded as the phone was picked up by a man when I called.  Completely shocked that I got a response, I stammered as I tried to explain that I was the owner of the phone and begged him in the name of God to  please give the phone back. He calmly asked me to call him at 8.00a.m the following day to agree on where I could collect the phone. I thanked him and loaded him with prayers before dropping the phone.  My family also called to report that the man had picked  their calls and told them of our arrangement. Even as serious doubt began to set in my mind, we decided to wait till the next day to see if he would keep his promise. After all, that was all we could do!  

Saturday morning broke with a warm sunshine and I hoped I would remember the day positively in future.  As we waited impatiently for the appointed time, we made arrangements on how I would be escorted to wherever 'our man' stipulated without it being obvious that I was not alone. I did not want to end up being a part of a misadventure; you never can trust anyone you know!   At exactly 8 O'clock, I dialed the number with a furiously beating heart and shaky hands. Guess what? The number had been switched off! My heart sank as I started calculating what it would cost me in terms of money and time to buy a new Phone and retrieve my old number before the end of the weekend.   I could not bring myself to make excuses for this person who had promised me so nicely only to let me down.

Could it be that the phone battery had gone flat? Of course not! The battery was fully charged the day before and would not go flat within the next 72hours! Could it be that he switched off the phone at night only to realise that he did not know the PIN number with which to switch it on in the morning? No!  He should know better than to switch off a phone that did not belong to him!   Anyway, I gave up and decided to leave the matter to Allaah who knows all that is in the hearts of men. I soberly went about my day's work until I heard a voice outside my apartment.   Continued next edition (insha Allaah)

Narrated Jundub [RA] who said that the Messenger of  Allaah [peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him]  narrated that a man said:

By Allaah, Allaah will not  forgive so and so. Whereas Allaah, the Most High, said: Who is it who swears by Me that I will not forgive so and so, for I have forgiven so and so, and have rendered your action futile." [Muslim] 

This is a matter which depends upon a person knowing his worth, and his position, since the question of unbelief [kufr} and faith [eeman}, reward and punishment is something which Allaah, the One free and far removed from all defects, has made particular to himself. Imam Abu Ja'far at-Tahaawee  said in his book on 'aqeedah: We do not bear witness  that they are guilty of kufr, shirk or nifaaq as long as  none of that appears from them and we leave what is  hidden about them to Allaah, the most High-. The explainer added: Since we have been ordered to judge by what is manifest, we have been forbiddenfrom suspicion and following that of which we have no knowledge. Allaah the Most High says: 

"And follow not that of which you have no knowledge. Verily!  The hearing, the sight and the heart of each of you  will be questioned [by Allaah] [Q 17:36] 


So the true and sincere Muslim hopes for good from  his Lord for himself and seeks forgiveness for his  brothers, as at-Tahawee also said: 'With regard to the  people who do righteous deeds from the believers,  then we hope that they are pardoned and entered into  Paradise through Allaah's Mercy, but we do not feel  safe for them, nor do we bear witness that they have  attained Paradise. 

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