Career Guidance: To be a Sociologist

Sociology is the study of human beings in relation to all aspects of life. In other words, it is a scientific study of the nature and development of society and social behaviour. Sociology, no doubt is a social science subject that deals with contemporary issues which affect our society and our day to day activities. It is a combination of some of the major courses in social sciences like political science, economics, psychology etc. This perhaps is why sociology is called the 'Queen of Social Sciences'.

To Become a Sociologist

Sociology as a course is offered in nearly all universities in Nigeria and abroad. To study sociology in a tertiary institution, the minimum basic requirement is credit in five subjects including English and Mathematics. Some universities however accept a pass in Mathematics and this implies that the candidate must possess five credits in other commercial/Arts subjects.

Apart from English and Mathematics, the remaining three subjects can be taken from subjects like Economics, Government or History, Commerce, Islamic Religious Knowledge etc. For JAMB exams, the candidates should register for English Lang., Government or History, Economics and any other subject.

Branches of Sociology

It has to be mentioned here that any candidate that studies sociology will graduate with B.Sc (Soc). The various branches of sociology which he will learn as an undergraduate and from which he can specialise at Master's level include:

• Sociology of work and industry

• Juvenile Delinquency and Criminology

• Medical sociology

• Demography

• Political sociology

• Social psychology

• Sociology of religion etc.


Where to Work

There exist a lot of employment opportunities for a graduate of sociology. A sociologist can work with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare as a Social Welfare Officer. He can also be employed as a social worker in some international organisations like WHO, UNDP, UNICEF etc. A sociologist can also work in a private company, police force, the military. Upon all, a sociologist can be lecturer or a researcher in a research institute.

A Muslim Sociologist

To be a Muslim sociologist implies contributing your own quota in reshaping our society. It will therefore not be an overstatement if we say that the sociologists are the real 'Du'at i.e. persons that propagate the religion of Islam.

It is therefore not surprising when a Muslim scholar like Ibn Khaldun is mentioned as one of the founding fathers of sociology. The role of another Muslim sociologist, Ali Shariati, the author of Sociology of Islam in reshaping the society of Iran cannot be underestimated.

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