Warning! The lost treasure

This is to the lost treasure

In a bid for the worldly pleasure

That will all end in real pains

Though you envisaged gains

Let me remind you who you are

Lest you continue to flop and err


You are a priceless pearl

More regal than an earl

Filled with so much tranquility

Watchword is true modesty

Speech throws a light in your heart

Manners too impeccable to fault


Dear sister, this is who you should be

Not what society says you should be

You are grander than a queen bee

So take from the lives of the Sahabi

And please stop being a wannabe

Your status is elevated in the Qur'an

So why act like a Barbarian


My sister wake up!

Lest it's too late and you are packed up!

Be a like a gem

Before you turn to germs

You are a priceless treasure

Don't trade it for some lowly treasure


Yours in curating,

Hamdalah Li

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