Other determiners Apart from articles, the class of determiners includes amount of words and quantifiers [any, some ,much ,many more, most ,several, no ,few ,a few ,little, a little ,enough ,all, each ,every, both, either ,neither ]; Demonstrative [this, that, those, these] ;Numerals [one , two, three, etc.; first ,second, third ,etc; half, one third] and a few other.

Determiners are used before nouns, like adjective, and sometimes more than one can be used they can also be used as pronouns. Errors include the use of wrong determiner, the wrong ordering of determiners; when more than one can be used; and the redundant or unnecessary use of a determiner.

 Errors in the use of determiners can be very serious indeed. Use of wrong determiner, for example, can change the whole meaning of a sentence. 

Example 1: 100 people were in a building when a fire broke out; 40 people died.

Wrong: Most of the people died.

Correct: Many of the people died. Most would only be correct if more than 50 died, and is best used if 80 or 90 died.

Example 2: There was an outbreak of meningitis in our town, and 5 cases were reported in a school of 200 pupils.

Wrong: Most of the pupils caught the disease.

Correct: A few of the pupils caught the disease.

Another and More confused

Wrong: You will have to bring another money to complete the payment.

Correct: You will have to bring [some] more money to complete the payment.

Money is an uncountable noun and can not be preceded by another. Another is used with countable nouns, for example: Get me another biro; this one is used up.

'Few' and 'A few' confused

Wrong: We invited all our friends; but a few of them turned up.

Correct: We invited all our friends, but few turned up. Whole wrongly used.

Wrong: The whole certificates were missing.

Correct: All the certificates or all of the certificates were missing.

Wrong: The whole streets were flooded.

Correct: All the streets were flooded.

The whole may not be used with the plural of nouns, but only with the singular. The whole street was flooded.

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