THE FEMALE NOBLE (Generation of the Taabioon)


The entire history of Islaam is not all about great men. History has equally recorded great and pious women as well as brilliant and intelligent ones too. A description of the knowledge and worship of any of them is quite stunning. Their roles in the preservation of the deen leaves no one in doubt that they were people endowed with virtue and great scholarship such that one will not be exaggerating to claim that their types is not known amongst any other community before the advent of the Messenger of Allaah (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) in status and virtue.

From them were Companions of the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa sallam) and those who were their students and those who succeeded them (RA). These noble women combined deep knowledge and understanding with obedience and submission to the injunctions of their Creator. Their patience and perseverance over difficulties left no one in about .their sincere submission as true slaves of The Most Merciful.

From this edition, inshaa Allaah, we shall catch some glimpses of these pearls and the roles they played in the acquisition and spread of knowledge; generation after generation. Amrah bint AbdirRahmaan bn Sad al-Ansaariyyah al-Faqeehah was one of the students of the wives of the Messenger (RA) including Aaisha bint Abee Bakr, Umm Salamah and her sister Umm Hishaam bint Haarithah. AI-Imaam Muhammad bn Shihaab az-Zuhree (one of the teachers of Imaam Maalik bn Anas) narrated that once al-Imaam Muhammad bn al-Qaasirn (RAH) said to him, "O young man! I see that you covet the search for knowledge, I not guide you . to its (vessel) possessor?" I said, "Certainly! he said, "Go to Amrah for she used to be in the apartment of Aaisha." Al-lmaam az-Zuhree RH said, "I went to her and I found her an ocean that cannot be exhausted." Ameerul-Mumineen Umar, bn AbdilAzeez said concerning her, "There is "no one left who knew the narrations of Aaisha (RA) more than Amrah." As such he ordered Abu Bakr bn Muhammad bn Hazm to write them down.

Al-Imaam Ali bn al-Madeenee RH said, "Amrah, one of the well established reliable scholars who know the narrations of Aaisha RA." And al-lmaarn Ibn Imad al- Hanbali remembered her in these words: "The possessor of understanding and knowledge of jurisprudence and moral excellence, Amrah bint Abd al- Rahmaan, was nourished in the house of Aaisha, and narrated many ahaadeeth from Aaisha, was reliable, precise, had a good memory and her reports are relied upon." AI-Imaam Ibn Hibbaan said this about her: "She is amongst those who knew more about the of Aaisha than anyone else." Her son - Abur-Rijaal Muhammad bn AbdirRahmaan, her nephew - Qaadee AbuBakr bn Hazm and his two sons Abdullaah and Muhammad were some of those who acquired knowledge from her. Her grandfather Sad bn Zuraarah was one of the eminent companions of the Messenger and her father was also said to be a companion (RA). Hafsah bint Seereen Umm Hudhayl al- Faqeehah, al- Ansaariyyah, al-Basariyyah had been taken to Madeenah at a very tender age with four of her brothers and her sister, Kareemah. Her son is Hudhayl bn AbdirRahmaan and her husband was Abdirrahmaan.

She completed her Qur'aanic education when she was twelve years of age learning under the likes of Anas bn Maalik, Umm Atiyyah, Khayrah the mother of the eminent taabi'ee - Hassan al - Hafsah was known for devotion to acts of worship, her Knowledge of Fiqh, Sciences of the Recitation of the Quraan and the Sciences of narrations. She was so versed in the Sciences of Recitation so much that the Scholar of the Ummah and her brother al-lrnaarn Muhammad bn Seereen (RH) would have questions on the matters of recitation and would say, "Go and ask Hafsah how she will recite it." As such al-Imaam Iyyaas bn Muaawiyah (RAH) said, I never met anyone that I would prefer over her." So, al-Imaam al- Hasan al-Basree and her brother Seereen were mentioned to him and he said, "As for me I would not prefer anyone over her." Concerning her scholarship, AIImaam Ali bn al-Madeenee said, "She is a reliable narrator and an authority."

AI-Imaam yahya bn maeen said the same of her RH and Al-lmaam Abdullaah bn al- Mubaarak said, "As for Abdullah bn Aun, I wished I stayed with him (learning) until I die or he dies." Yet, Ibn Aun was a student of Hadeeth with Hafsah RA. As for . her devotion, "AbdulKareem bn Muaawiyah said, "It was mentioned to me that Hafsah used to read a half of the Quraan ever night and that she fasted year round and does not fast on the days of Eed and Tashreeq (the three days after Eedul-Kabeer)." Hafsah bint Seereen regularly admonished the youth. Once she said to them, "O Assembly of youths! Exert yourselves while you are young, for I I see that real work (can only really be done) at the youthful age." She lived for seventy years and died at about I05 AH.

Umm Dardaa as-Sageerah She is Umm Dardaa Juhaymah aIHumayriyyah ad-Dimahqiyyah the wife of the eminent companion Abu Dardaa (RA).She grew up as a little orphan in the house hold of Abu Darda and at the time, she would attend the congregational prayers in the Masjid, standing besides the males (as a little girl)and sometimes Abu Dardaa would send her back to the rows of the females behind. Sometimes she sat amongst the scholars of recitation at the time while they taught recitation of the Quraan. She learnt the Quraan proper at this very tender age from her husband Abu Dardaa and later other aspects of the Islamic Sciences.

She also learnt from some other companions includingAaisha (RA), Abu Hurayrah, Salmaan al-Faarisee amongst others - Radiyallaahu Anhum. AI-Imaam Makhool, one of the eminent students of the Companion - Abdullaah bn Abbass said, "Umm Dardaa was a Scholar of Fiqh, Abdullah bn Awn RH narrated that, "Once we were with Umm Dardaa and we said to her, Are we getting you tired? She said, Get me tired? I have sought Ibaadah in everything that I do and I do not earn anything for myself so comfortable like sitting amongitataion of knowledge." She also encourages that efforts are put in to learn the deen at the youthful age.

Abd Rabbihi Sulayman bn Umayr said, "Umm Dardaa used to write on my slate of what she taught me of Wisdom -Learn Wisdom while you are young and act upon it while old for every farmer reaps what he sows good or bad." Concerning her, al-Haafidh bn Katheer RH said, "Umm Dardaa As-Sughraa a Taabiyyah, Devout worshipper, Scholar, Faqeehah, men learn the Quraan from her, she teaches Fiqh at the northern wall of the Masjid in Dimashq and AbdulMalik bn Marwaan attends her sittings of learning together with other students of Islaamic Jurisprudence. He gets busy with her while he is the Khaleefah (the leader of all the Muslim all together at the time)."


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