Imam Bukhari: Dreams come true (3)

After sixteen years of continuous effort and hard work, AI-Bukhaari finished his valuable book that comprised around 7000 authentic narrations which he selected from amongst 600,000 authentic and non-authentic narrations. He overlooked many authentic narrations so that his book wouldn't be too long. He chose to name the book "The Authentic Book Encompassing a Brief Authentic Narrations of the Prophet, (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) his Tradition and Life" to become the title of the most authentic book after the Quran. The book is known as 'Saheeh AI-Bukhaari' (The authentic narrations reported by AI-Bukhaari). This book became well known and it gave him a high rank that someone like him truly deserved to achieve. He had vast knowledge, great manners, a tolerant nature, dignity, and an untainted tongue.

He cared so little for this life, he had deep faith, and had Allaah's consciousness at all times. After Imaam AI-Bukhaari [RAH] became famous throughout the world, thousands of scholars came to him as students of the leader in memorization of authentic narrations until the number of people who attended his study circles in Baghdad reached 20,000. Among the most remarkable figures of his students were Imaams At-Tirmithi, An-Nasaa'ee, Muslim, and others; may Allaah have mercy upon them.

In 250 AH, Al-Bukhaari [RA] left to Nisabor, a city in Khurasaan and stayed there for a while teaching the people. Then he decided to return to his dear city, Bukhaaraa, and when he did the people rushed to welcome him in a great celebration in which huge tents were pitched and decorations were hung. They threw flowers and golden and silver coins on the Imaam upon his arrival into the city.

There was an overwhelming atmosphere of happiness that prevailed throughout all Bukhaaraa. One day, the people of Samarq and sent a message for him asking him to come. He agreed and packed with great joy. When he started walking towards his animal he said: "Take me back, I have become weak and very ill". When they took him back to his house, he said some supplications then he lay on his bed sweating a lot, then his pure soul ascended to its Creator. His death RA was on a Friday night, the beginning of the month of Shawwaal, 256 AH (870 AD). He was sixty-two years old when he died. He was buried in the village of Khartank which is now known as 'Khawaajah Saaheb'. May Allaah have mercy upon the great Imaam and may Allaah admit him into Paradise. Aameen.

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