They can’t even afford a DECENT MEAL

We havejust witnessed the Eidu/Adha.Alhamdulillahfor sparing ourlives,we pray that Allaahmakes it possiblefor us to live long to continue on the  pathof Islam,to performgood deeds and  witness moreEids infuture(Amin).

Sallah is a time we always look forward to.There is always lots of merrymaking,lots ofdeliciousmeat,food and drinksto enjoy and new clothes to go with the festive season.It is also a time for family members to come together and strengthen their bonds.

As you were enjoying the tasty Sallah meat,did you stop to think of those who did not have anything to eat on that day?Did you remember for a second to think of  those who could not afford to buy noton lyrams but also ordinary fish for their Sallah?You know,some Muslims would have gone hungry during  the  festiveperiod and would not mindeating our own leftovers which we  cannot standand give out jus tbefore they get spoilt.

Some do not have money to buy new clothes like us and have just one setofclothestowearcomerainorsunshine.Forthemeveryday isa struggle. The suffering they go through does not disturb them fromobserving Salaah,fasting and performing other acts of worship within their capability. As pitiable astheir condition is,they have something that is everything Islam.They also accept their condition as their Qadaar (Destiny) and give thanks to Allaah  for beingMuslims.

Compare yourself with  these people.You have food to eat.Often,you can also choose what and when you want to eat,you have somany clothes that you don't even have  to touch some  of them in a month; yet how gratefulare you to Allaah?Take your time to go over the preparations your family made for Salah;did you complain when your Sallah clothes were not bought on time or did you pray that Allaah will continue to enrich Daddy and Mummy'spurses?

Did  you  compare your  Ram with those of your neighbours and friends andf eel bad that yours was the smallest or did you say Alhamdulil/ah  and Mashaal/ah and make Du'a  for Daddy that he is able to buy  onenext Sallah?Do you ever thank Allaah for His favours or do you assume all those things are your birthright?.

Remember those whohave nothing to eatand we are Muslims like you,yet they accept the way Allaah has made their affairs and are constant in His worship.If with all we have were fuse to serve   Allaah,wha t would we do if Allaah in His Majesty decides to swap us with those in need? Re member,all you have are favours from Allaah!Always give thanks!

"Then which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?" SurahAr-Rahman(55)

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited


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