Written by:  Sheikh Murtala Alade Adedokun



As Muslim parents, we are proud when our wards memorize the Quran and speak Arabic even though these great feats in themselves mean nothing without sound creed from the authentic Sunnah like that of our predecessors underlying them. O parents, beware!

After treating a book on creed for a gathering, late Sheikh Bun Baaz was reported to have said: "Every student of knowledge ought to study this book a hundred times in his lifetime."

Devoid of the creed of the pious predecessors, any religious devotee remains a pencil in the hand of Shaytan to be used to draw whatever the evil one desires, however Islamic his appearance. The jalabi alfas in our land prove this.

It is therefore not surprising that the Tablighi Jamaa'ah around the world and especially Asian countries, have been vehicles for the spread of the coronavirus with their insistence on their annual ijtimaa (conference) in some countries even when the more important 'umrah (lesser hajj) has been suspended based on superior scholarly advice.

Following the ijtimaa held in Delhi this March, Thailand alone is tracing 1,500 returnees as deaths have occurred in quick succession among members and their contacts. The story from Pakistan is not different.

Is the Messenger's authentic instruction for Muslims in times of a scourge not clear enough?

May Allah pardon the dead, but this incident is just one of many demonstrations of faithless faith in disregard for clear teachings of the Messenger by people of wrong creed, little knowledge but great Islamic activism. And there are many groups like this which may defer in their types of activism but are similar in their disregard for the authentic Sunnah. ISIL is just another example.

The creed first! The creed  first! The creed first!


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