Time Magic

Time is beautiful and amazing. Time does a lot of magic. Time is one sure thing that takes away pain and sorrows.

At a point in life things happen and it feels like it is never ending and then the hero comes; TIME. Time passes by and then the magic is done. What was hurting becomes history. What almost tore you apart becomes a story you smile and tell.

So to you out there going through pain, honestly it will pass.

Has your loved one just passed away and it feels like life can never go on without them? Do not worry, give it time and experience the magic.

See, time heals even the deepest wounds. It might take long but it does heal them and you'll be relieved of the pains. You're in pains now, excruciating pains that seem never to go away, just pray and see how time takes it away.

You are financially down, you feel it is the end of the world, you feel things can never get better but you are wrong. Pray and give it time, that phase will surely pass.

The man you've given limitless love to, the woman you've given practically your life to, you broke ties with family just to be with him, you fought with friends just to be hers, and now she's gone, he has jilted you and you think it is the end of the world, you think nothing can take away the pains and you'll live shattered for the rest of your life. Wrong! Just give it time and see the magic.

Everything in your life is just so depressing; everything and everyone seems to be against you.  At a point you think nothing can take away the pains but death. In the desperation to end the pains, the ocean appears welcoming, maybe a dive deep down would cure the hurt, you just want to go blank.

A tablet or 2 of painkiller has taken away the body pains, perhaps a jar of it would erase the emotional and psychological pains you feel, so you want to try it out. But you are wrong, it won't take it away, suicide is the worst solution to your problems because you are putting yourself in more problems.

Oh! You think you are going to die and go blank and your worries will disappear? No, because you will be faced with more and even bigger problems that you would not be able to escape. You will be having explanations to give to your Creator on why you took your own life, and trust me no explanation will justify it.

Have you forgotten that Allah has promised that after difficulty comes ease? Q94:5-6

Whatever it is you are going through is not permanent. With prayer, time does the magic and heals everything.

But for the scars, we are left with them to remind us of what was and how tough we were and are. They tell us we are warriors that would not be defeated by pains and problems.

Yes! The scars are there so we can have stories to tell especially stories about the magic of time.


© Waseelah

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