Scholars Of Islam: Ibn Hazm Al-andalusi

His lineage.

He is the Imaam Abu Muhammad Aliyu bin Ahmad bin Sa'eed bin Hazm – the Faqeeh - scholar of jurisprudence and of the science of hadeeth He was born in the last Day of Ramada an in the year 384 A. H in Andalus the area known as Spain today.

His search for Knowledge.

Ibn Hazm memorized the Qur'aan and studied the methodologies of the science of hadeeth and its understanding. He extracted ruling from the book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Messenger. He was also very knowledgeable about biography and Islaamic history,

He also learned logic and wrote books about it. In his early life, he learned the Madhabs of Imaams Maalik and Shaafi'. However; he abandoned them for the Madhab of Zahirite, the Madhab of Dawood bin Aliyu bin Khalaf al - Asbahanee. By joining this last Madhab,he sought to correct its beliefs by explaining what is correct and wrong about. He later abandoned it and betook himself to a Madhab, the like of which none had preceeded him. He also had some statements held by him alone, Thus his followers were called AI - Hazmiyyah.

Why he learnt Fiqh.

Abu Muhammad al-Maghribee said: "Ibn Hazm informed me about why he learned fiqh and his becoming a faqeeh. He said: "He witnessed a Janazah - funeral prayer - then entered the mosque and sat down without observing Tahiyyatul masjid – the voluntary prayer upon entering the mosque before sitting down. ' Behold someone said to him: "Stand up and pray Tahiyyatul Masjid! He said: "I stood up and prayed." When I returned from the Janazah, I went to the mosque and quickly stood up to observe Tahiyyatu1masjid and behold someone said: Sit down! Sit down! This is not the time for Salaah (the time was after Asr prayer)." I return home with sorrow, Then I started learning Muwatta and others with the scholars for three years. Thereafter I started discussion (concerning fiqh issues.)

His Jihad.

Ibn Hazm was well known with arguments and debate, He was very bold and brave that he condemned the opinions of some great scholars with harsh words to the extent that scholars likened the sharpness his words and the sword of Hajaaj bin Yusuf as full brothers. His bluntness and truthfulness often caused rancor between him and his contemporaries and the rulers.

The friction between him and the rest of the scholars reached such an extent that they passed a ruling of misguidance against him and cautioned the people from getting closer to him or learning from him,

His books.

Imaam Ibn Hazm was a great author blessed with a very strong intellect and he authored several books though some of his books were burnt during the conflict with his contemporaries and the rulers backing them. Some of his books include: AIMujallah which later became known as AI - Muhallah, Kashful - lItibaas AI - Fisal, Asmaullaah, Attaqreeb bi Hadd-I-Mantiq, AI-Jaami' fee Saheehul hadeeth, Sharh Ahaadeeth Muwatta, al-Ibtaalul Qeyaas wa Ra'y, wal- Istihsaan, wa taqleed wa ta'leel and many others. .

What the scholars say about him.

AI Haafidh bin Katheer said: Ibn hazm occupied himself with beneficial knowledge and surpassed his contemporaries in excellence. He wrote popular books and was from a great family background."

AI Haafidh Adh-Dhahabi said: "Ibn Hazm is one of the great scholars. He had all the pre-requisites necessary for Ijtihaad to the fullest. What befell the great scholar before him also happened to him which is that: "For every person, some of his statements will be accepted while others will be rejected except that of the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him).”

His death

He died in Andalus which is known as Spain today in the year 456 A.H. At the age of 72 years. May Allaah grant mercy upon him and make him among the residents of Paradise (Aamin)


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