There is something common among the early Muslims from the Muhajirun and the Ansar. Although some of them may have previously been staunch enemies of Islam, when they repented from their shirk and embraced Islam, they showed a level of sincerity that has remained unparalleled throughout history. One example is the noble Companion Amr bin AI-Jamuh [RA], who at first resisted the Prophet's [peace and blessings be upon him] message, at a time when those around him in AI-Madinah, from the Aus and Khazraj began to flock towards Islam.

Before migrating to AI-Madinah, the Prophet [peace and blessings be upon him] sent Musab bin Umair [RA] to go there and teach its inhabitants about the religion of Islam. Musab [RA] was very successful in his early efforts, but then one day, Amr bin AIJamuh, chief of the Banu Salainah sub-tribe, sent for him with the message: What is this that you have come to us with? If you want to come to us, we will recite the Quran for you, was the response he received.

When Amr [RA] and Musab [RA] were face to face, the latter recited Chapter Yusuf to him. Perhaps the verses had an effect on Amr [RA] but he was yet unwilling to renounce his religion of his idol, Manaf, which he worshipped and trusted. That is not to say that doubts did not begin to creep into his mind about the divinity of Manaf. As a test, he went to his idol, Manaf, and hung a sword around its neck, so that it could protect itself now that so many people including his own family- shunned the worship of idols and called to the worship of the One true God- Allaah.

When he later returned to Manaf, he was shocked to see that the sword was missing; his family had taken the sword away. Amr. [RA] looked reproachfully at his idol and said, Where is the sword, 0 Manaf. Even a she-goat is able to protect its backside. Despite Manafs failure to protect itself, Amr [RA] still had no firm resolve for -lslam. Stories Of Repentance by Muhammad al- Mughawiri. To be concluded next edition insha Allaah.

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