Bathe Yourself with Money [part 4 of 4]

No one to Collect or No one to give when Zakaah time comes around each year. lmaams all across the developed world are often asked, "We dont know of any poor people in our area, can we send the Zakaah money overseas?This is also the refrain we hear from so many rich people that we have in our communities; they would rather send their Zakaah to their hometowns!

Contemplate this for a moment. Are there no needy people in our communities? Of course there are, And if year after year the Zakaah is sent overseas, who will ever take care of the local needy people? The general principle of Zakaah is that it is to be given to the needy of the locality in which it was paid in the first place, As Rasul AIlaah (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) instructed Muadh (RA) when he sent him to Yemen, "If they obey you in that (in the Shahadah and then the Salah), then let them know AIlaah has made obligatory upon them Zakaah in their wealth to be taken from their rich and to be given to their needy." (Bukhari) Keyword here is 'their  needy'; the needy ofthe community in which the wealth was earned, What it takes from us is to get out there and find out how we can make a difference in-our communities, Interesting Avenues For Zakaah Distribution When governments have a budget surplus (doesnt happen too often; rarely happens at all), different bodies and government agencies fight tooth and nail over who gets the money, But with Zakaah, Allaah divided it Himself. No human has a say in giving Zakaah money to other than those to whom Allaah included, Now, the commonly known recipients of Zakaah are the poor and needy. However, let us bring attention to some interesting avenues where we could be investing the Zakaah money.

First, al-Muallafat Quloobuhum (those whose hearts have recently accepted Islam): One idea; if we become serious and strong in our dawah efforts, we could use the Zakaah money to bring peoples hearts closer to and firmer upon the message of Laa iIlaha ilia Allaah, Muhammad ur Rasul Allaah, Every year in the last three years, DEEN COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED provided daily Ramadan Iftar for over 1,000 people around Lagos! Is everyone Muslim? Who can tell? But, Subhan AIlaah, with all the goodness of feeding the people, more and more people look forward to it each year! That's the power of Sadaqah when it is distributed properly. 

Second, al-Riqaab (in freeing slaves): Zakaah money can be used to free slaves, In the USA, some of those attributed to knowledge, have mentioned that the patriot act detaineeswho have been imprisoned for no crime other then a racial profile are also eligible for Zakaah from this angle, Idea: Could the Zakaah money be used in a legal fund to defend the rights of Muslims imprisoned unjustly? Third, Ghaarimeen (those in debts): The Zakaah money can go towards freeing people from the shackles of debt. A word of caution though: Zakaah money is not to go towards paying off vain debts, Indeed, it is an amazingly powerful thing for one's community members to be out of debt. When they are out of debt, they become active contributors in the community and everyone benefits; alhamdulillah!

Jannah Stock Tip

In conclusion, pay attention to this Jannah Stock Tip: The Muslim communities, alhamdulillah, generally give unselfishly. The reason Zakaah is hindered, and Allaah knows best, is because of lack of education and a proper Zakaah distribution system, All it takes is for one dedicated leader/body to establish the Zakaah distribution network in an area, and all the Zakaah will reach those who need it. If someone does this, all the reward will be his or hers! Imagine all the people who will benefit from this distribution network, The pioneer who starts this Zakaah distribution will continue to reap the rewards of it even after he or she passes away, I pray, Allaah willing, the blessed leader who creates this local Zakaah foundation is YOU! If you cannot, then at least inform people about Zakaah and direct them to pay to a collector [such as DEEN COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED], "Certainly will the believers have succeeded: Those who, during their prayer, are humbly submissive; and those who turn away from ill speech, and those who are observant of Zakaah", (Q23[al-Muminuun]:1-4)

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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