Well kids,it is the blessed month of Ramadan; Wherein fasting has been ordained. You might have fasted before. Last year or the one preceding that, if not .... this is your chance. Strive to fast for at least a whole day and at most the 29/30 days ... You will be sure to get the reward for it ! ..If you are above puberty then you really have no choice But to fast the whole through as any intentional breaking of the fast now is earning the wrath of Allaah.

Be good children and increase your ibaadah in this month And as you do, remember to keep your sahur and iftar light. Be active, not overactive, and don't laze around or sleep all day or you will be extra hungry . Read your Quran and practice your recitation when you think of food, try and play with something else Read Islamic books and try to get access to documentaries Islamic audios, videos and CDs.

Ask mummy or daddy to take you to Islamic lectures and gatherings. Leave out the computer games, video games, and television. Make your Ramadan an enjoyable and rewarding one and so the new you in Shawwal. Insha Allaah.

This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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