Fasting is an obligatory duly for every Muslim who is mature, sane and non-traveller. That youngster who is under age is not required to fast but he should be guided to do so in order to be accustomed to doing it. The insane isn’t required to fast or to feed even if he is of age. The same thing goes for the mentally deficient and old senile people, the disabled person who cannot fast because of permanent reasons such as senility or sickness.

Such people have to feed an indigent every day during the month of Ramadaan. The patient who has a temporary benign disease and it is hard for him to fast, he is not required to fast but he must fast those days after recovery. The pregnant, nursing mothers and wet nurses (foster mother) are not required to fast if it is hard for them to fast because of pregnancy or fosterage or fear of harming their children, but they should fast these days after child birth. Other scholars say they too can feed the indigent instead. The menstruating women and those suffering from post-natal bleeding are not allowed to fast and must make up the days missed. A person, who is facing a necessity of breaking his fast in order to rescue another Muslim from drowning or burning can break his fast but he must fast the day he missed later.

A traveller can either fast or not, but he should make up the days he misses whether his travel is temporary such as performing "Umrah", or permanent such as transit truck drivers. So, they have the choice of fasting or not fasting since they are still outside residence

Fast breaking Acts 1. Fast breaking acts do not break the fast in case of forgetfulness, ignorance, or compulsion according to Allah's saying "Our Rabbi Do not punish us if we forget or fall into error" and His saying, Except who is forced thereto and whose heart is at rest with faith". And His saying, "And there is no sin on you concerning that in which you made a mistake except in regard to what your heart deliberately intend," (33:5)

*If the fasting person forgot when eating or drinking his fast wouldn’t be broken due to forgetfulness.

Also if one eats or drinks thinking that the sun has set or the day hasn’t broken, ones fast is still valid due to ignorance. And if one rinses his mouth letting water go inside his throat by mistake, such rinsing will not break his fast because it is not done intentionally. Wet dreaming during sleep does-not break the fast because it is not intentional. Fast Breaking

Acts Are Eight

1. Sexual intercourse if it is committed during the daytime in the month of Ramadan. He must make up the fast besides a hard binding atonement, that is, emancipating a slave, but if it is not possible he must fast two consecutive months and when is able to do so he must feed sixty indigents (i.e., sixty meals).

2. Seminal ejaculation while awake by masturbation or fondling or hugging and the like

3. Eating or drinking whether beneficial harmful, including smoking. The use of nutritive injections that substitute for food, but the use of injections that won’t nourish the body don’t break the fast whether taken in the muscles or in the vein even if he tastes the nutrient in his throat.

5. Blood transfusion when blood loss occurs to the fasting person Blood may be transfused into his body instead in place of the blood that he lost.

6. The blood that comes out from a woman due to post-natal bleeding or menses.

7. Forcing out ones blood by cupping or the like (Narrated Thabit AI Bunani Anas bin Malik was asked whether they I disliked the cupping for a fasting person. He replied in the negative and said, "Only if it causes weakness.

However, unlike cupping, involuntary bleeding such as nose bleeding or when pulling out teeth and the like would not break the fast.

8. Vomiting when intentionally pone. However, if it is not done on purpose the fast won’t be broken.

Permissible acts in Ramadaan

A fasting person may use inhalers that may reduce his labored breathing due to asthma or other reasons. A fasting person can pull out his tooth, treat his wounds, and drop medicine in his eyes or in his ears without having broken his fast, even it he tastes it in his throat. You broke your fast when the disk of the sun had disappeared but suddenly reappeared your fast is intact you do not have to pay the day back after Ramadaan. Once it is confirmed that the sun has set you do not need to wait for The adhaan to be called before you break your fast.


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