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From the characteristics of the jaahiliyyah was that they were deceived by (following) the majority, using that of a matter. Allaah says:

"The chief of the disbelievers among his people said: We see you but a man like ourselves, nor do we see any follow you but the meanest among us and they (too) followed you without thinking. And we do not see in you any merit above us, in fact we think you are liars." (Q11:27)

And they also used this as evidence to declaring the falsity of something the fact that it was strange and that its adherents were few. They believed that the more adherent an ideology or a practice had, the truer it was. Thus, when they saw the followers of the truth were few and the followers, of the falsehood were many they chose the falsehood over truth. Allaah says:

"And We did not send a warner to a township, but those who were given the worldly wealth and luxuries among them said: "We believe not in the (Message) with which you have been sent." And they say: "We are more in wealth and in children, and we are not going to be punished." (Q34: 34-35).

Also Allaah says:

"And they (Arab pagans) wonder that a warner prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) has come to them among themselves! And the disbelievers say: This Prophet muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is a socerer liar. Has he made the aliha (gods) (all) into one llaah (God-Allaah). Verily, this is a curious thing We have not heard (the like) of this among the people of these later days .This is nothing but an invention]" (Q11:27).

Allaah opposed the above characteristic of the jaahiliyyah in many places of the Qur an, praising the few and condemning the majority, as he says: but few of them are grateful with nine hundred and fifty years spent in the calling people to the way Allaah by Prophet Nuuh (Noah), only few people believed in him. Allaah says:

"(So it was) till then there came Our Command and the oven gushed forth (water like fountains from the earth). We said: "Embark therein, of each kind two (male and female),and your family, except him against whom the word has already gone forth,and those who believe. And none believed with him ,except a few (Q11:40)

Majority is, most of the time not for a proof of correctness of a matter rather a sign of falsehood. Allaah says In many places that majority of people are unbelievers rebellious, etc..

Allaah says:

you do not worship besides him but only names which you have named (forged), you and your fathers, for which Allaah has sent down no authority. The command (or the judgment) is for none but Allaah. He has command that you should worship none but Him ( i.e His monotheism), that is the (true) straight religion ,but most men know not (Q12:40).

Also, Allaah says:

And most of mankind will not believe even if you desire it eagerly, (Q12:103) And indeed ,We sent nuuh (Noah) and Ibraheem (Abraham) ,and placed in their offspring Prophethood and scripture ,and among them are those who are guided, but many of them are fasiquun (rebellious, disobedient to Allaah.) (Q57:26).


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