Some have food but cannot eat

A very good number of us attended non-Muslim Nursery and Primary schools when we were young. One Lasting memory from this misadventure of attending non- Muslim school is the song that we are taught to sing at meal times. The song goes thus:

"Some have food but cannot eat; Some can eat but have no food; We have food and we can eat; Glory be to thee oh Lord ..." I'm sure that those of us who know the song can complete the rest of it.

If the truth were to be told, there is a lot of sense in the wordings of the song: it's just funny how we recited it over and over without really understanding it. Let us begin to look at the song one line after the other. Some have food but cannot eat. So many people lie critically ill in the hospitals who probably can afford to buy themselves very expensive and nutritious meals but cannot and may never be able to eat such because of their conditions.

Still, they are still grateful for even the opportunity to be alive with or without food. Anyone who has ever had a surgery performed on him/her would also know the pain of longing badly for food without being able to eat because of the strict order of the doctor not to do so until a day or two after. This is one of the few times we ever get to appreciate the opportunity to be able to eat. Some can eat but have no food. This side of the song is a very common occurrence in our society these days. One does not need to go far before sighting the beggars who can be found on almost every street.

The most disturbing of them being those who are foreigners who go to n any extent including pulling and dragging passersby, who probably have enough problems of their own, just to get money for a meal, whether decent or not. Like the saying goes "All lizards lie on their bellies so we never know the one with stomach ache, Even among those of us who out of Allaahs mercy, are not beggars, how many can afford three square meal?

For most people, each day comes with its own challenges that must be faced and the issue of feeding ranks very high on the priority of the people. It is so bad that quite a number of people go on just a meal of soaked Garri without any "accompaniment". Some are not so lucky, for them meal time is whenever they get anything to eat. The list of those who fall under this unfortunate category and their various conditions is endless. It is really very sad. The surprising thing however is that poverty and hunger do not prevent such people from giving thanks to Allaah for the gift of life and Islam. To a great number of them, the end (Aakhirah) justifies the suffering of this world (Dunya).


 This article was culled from the publications of Deen Communication Limited

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