Tips For Getting Set For Ramadan

The great and virtuous month is nearly here. The month in which the devils are chained, the month which has in it the Night of Decree (Laylat al-Qadr), and the month in which the Glorious Qur’an was revealed. This is the month of Ramadhan which is full of virtues and blessings.

In Surah Al-Baqarah (2:185), Allah says

“The month of Ramadan in which was revealed the Qur’aan, a guidance for mankind and clear proofs for the guidance and the criterion (between right and wrong)…”

In Surah Al-Qadar (97:1-5), Allah says

“Verily, We have sent it (this Qur’aan) down in the Night of Al-Qadr (Decree).

And what will make you know what the Night of Al-Qadr (Decree) is?

The Night of Al-Qadr (Decree) is better than a thousand months (i.e. worshipping Allaah in that night is better than worshipping Him a thousand months, i.e. 83 years and 4 months).

Therein descend the angels and the Rooh [Jibreel (Gabriel)] by Allaah’s Permission with all Decrees,

(All that night), there is peace (and goodness from Allaah to His believing slaves) until the appearance of dawn”

Ramadhan is indeed a great month which must be given utmost priority and this can be done by ensuring adequate preparation for it.

Here are tips for you to get set for Ramadhan.

  • Learn About the Month

Ramadhan is a great month which would be even more appreciated with a good knowledge of it. When you know that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said, from the hadeeth of Abu Hurayrah, as regards Ramadhan…

“When Ramadaan comes, the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained up.” (Al-Bukhaari, 1898; Muslim, 1079)

… then you would strive to achieve to the acme in this month.

Or when you know that the Night of Power, laylaatul qadr, in which good deeds in it are better than good deeds during one thousand nights then you would even appreciate this month more.

Things that should be learned about include the virtues of Ramadhan, the dos and don’ts of Ramadhan, the Prophet’s (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) supplications in Ramadhan, etc.

Books and lectures on Ramadhan should be consulted and scholars of Islam should also be asked on issues that you need clarifications on.

Visit dawahnigeria for lectures on Ramadhan.

  • Be Glad at its Approach

Your mind should be happy at the approach of Ramadhan. With this, you’d not only be anticipating this month but also be wanting to move closer to Allah in the month. Learning about the month will also sweeten your mind on Ramadhan.

You should make your mind fall in love with Ramadhan and train it such that you’d view the month as if it’s your last on earth.

  • Make up Missed Fasts

In order to get set for Ramadhan, you need to check if you still have leftover Ramadhan fasts you need to make up for. Try to know the probable dates for the start of the month so that you can plan ahead on how to make up your fasts.

Check this link on how to make up missed fasts

Also, visit dawahnigeria for lectures on making up missed Ramadhan

  • Return to Allah in Sincere Repentance

Allah says in Surah Zumar (39:53)

Say: "O 'Ibâdî (My slaves) who have transgressed against themselves (by committing evil deeds and sins)! Despair not of the Mercy of Allâh, verily Allâh forgives all sins. Truly, He is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful

You might have been thinking that you cannot return to Allah in repentance because of your many sins and that you would continue your bad ways. No! You can repent to Allah. He will accept you by His mercies in shaa Allah.

Seek Allah’s forgiveness and restore people’s rights if there is the need to. Then set to enter Ramadhan with a clean heart and with the hope to take the advantage of the month of forgiveness.

Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) said

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Whoever spends Laylat al-Qadr in prayer out of faith and in the hope of reward, will be forgiven his previous sins.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, 1910; Muslim, 760.)

See this on seeking repentance

  • Make Du’a (Supplication) to Allah

Try to make lots of du’a to Allah to make you witness this month, make you be able to fast in this month, make you be able to do lots of good deeds in this month, and to accept all your worship as well as forgive you. This will also get you set for making even more du’a while in Ramadhan as you’d have become accustomed to it.

  • Warm-up with Acts of Worship

Just like a footballer warming up for a match, so also should you get yourself ready for Ramadhan by engaging in acts of worship in readiness for the month. Start the recitation of Qur’an as early as possible so that you would even read more when you get to Ramadhan.

Acts of worship are also for other months, but their numerousness in the month of Ramadhan is even more rewarding. So start the acts of worship now.

Abu Bakr al-Balkhi said: The month of Rajab is the month for planting, the month of Sha’baan is the month of irrigating the crops, and the month of Ramadaan is the month of harvesting the crops.

He also said: The likeness of the month of Rajab is that of the wind, the likeness of Sha’baan is that of the clouds and the likeness of Ramadaan is that of the rain; whoever does not plant and sow in Rajab, and does not irrigate in Sha’baan, how can he reap in Ramadaan? Now Rajab has passed, so what will you do in Sha’baan if you are seeking Ramadaan? This is how your Prophet and the early generations of the ummah were in this blessed month, so what will you do? (Islam Q&A)

  • Maintain a Good Health Status

Eat and drink healthily before setting out for Ramadhan. You should also have a health checkup with your doctor as this would enable you to take drugs or supplement needed for a future sound health.

  • Make a Ramadhan Plan

Formalize your Ramadhan aims by making a draft of what to do in Ramadhan, and how to do them; how to spend your time in Ramadhan; the plan for the first ten days, second ten days, and the third ten days of Ramadhan; the plan for Qur’an recitation; the plan for book studying books and listening to lectures, etc.

Draft it on your jotter or notepad. You can also edit it to add more programs to the schedule. So, that’d be your blueprint throughout the month.

I pray and hope for a blessed Ramadhan this season and in coming years. May we all have a rewarding Ramadhan.

What other things do you think should be done to prepare for Ramadhan?


by Bashir Oyetunji

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