Some Muslims tuck up their clothes before they begin salaah which is something forbidden. Ibn Abbas related, The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: I was ordered to prostrate on seven bones, was forbidden to tuck up my clothes and to collect my hair in Salaah (Muslim) An-Nawawee said: The scholars agreed that it is a forbidden act to tuck up clothes, roll up sleeves or the like in Salaah Also, Imam An- Nawawee said: Tucking up clothes or collecting hair is something detested. If one does Salaah in such a state, he has done something bad but his Salaah is correct and valid.

Imam Malik said concerning rolling up sleeves, then performing Salaah in such a state: If one did this act while working then started his Salaah in such a state, it is alright but if he did it intentionally for Salaah or during it, then there is no good in it. Shaykh Mashhqr Hasan Salmaan is of the opinion that the prohibition mentioned in the hadeeth is a general one whether one tucks up his clothes or collects his hair before or during Salaah.

Ibn Jareer At-Tabaree related that the scholars unanimously agree on the prohibition of tucking up clothes in Salaah. However, Ibn AI-Munthir related from AI-hasan AIBusree that if one does such an act and performed Salaah, he should repeat it. He also said that the majority of scholars were of the opinion that this prohibition is a general one whether it is done intentionally for salaah or before it. Therefore, it is clear from the above hadeeth and the opinions of the scholars that tucking and rolling up clothes during or before salaah is forbidden. People should desist from the act


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