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Fiqh - Ustadh AbdulGhani Jumat (Lagos, English)

Fiqh - Ustadh AbdulGhani Jumat (Lagos, English)

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Fiqh-Teachings On Delivering Sermon-Ustadh Abdul Gany Jum'a-(Lagos, Yoruba)
Fiqh-Distribution Of Zakaat-Ustadh Abdul Gany Jum'a-(Lagos, Yoruba)
Fiqh-Involuntary Charity & leadership-Ustadh Abdul Gany Jum'a-(Lagos, English)
Fiqh-Islamic Jurispudences On Trading-Ustadh Abdul Gany Jum'a-(Lagos, English)
Fiqh-More Expalnations On Zakaat-Ustadh Abdul Gany Jum'a-(Lagos, English)
Fiqh-No One's Advice is Worthy Of Sticking to Except That Of The Prophet-Ustadh Abdul Gany Jum'a-(Lagos, English)
Fiqh-Permisibility Of Collection Of Zakaat-Ustadh-Abdul-Gany-Jum'a-(Lagos, English)
Fiqh-Questions & Answers 01-Ustadh-Abdul-Gany-Jum'a-(Lagos, English)
Fiqh-Questions & Answers 02-Ustadh-Abdul-Gany-Jum'a-(Lagos, English)
Fiqh-Questions & Answers 03-Ustadh-Abdul-Gany-Jum'a-(Lagos, English)
Fiqh-The Jurispudence & Sodaqoh-Ustadh-Abdul-Gany-Jum'a-(Lagos, English)
Fiqh-Questions & Answers 04-Ustadh-Abdul-Gany-Jum'a-(Lagos, English)
Fiqh-Questions & Answers 05-Ustadh-Abdul-Gany-Jum'a-(Lagos, English)
Fiqh-Questions & Answers 06-Ustadh-Abdul-Gany-Jum'a-(Lagos, English)
Fiqh-Teachings On Paying Zakaat On Farm Produce-Ustadh-Abdul-Gany-Jum'a-(Lagos, English)
The Essence Of Statement Of Testification 1a (28-3-2021) (Yoruba) - Ustadh Abdul Ganiy Jum'ah (Yoruba)
The Essence Of Statement Of Testification 1b (28-3-2021) (Yoruba) - Ustadh Abdul Ganiy Jum'ah (Yoruba)

Ustadh Abdul Ganiy Jum'ah (Lagos)

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