Guidelines for Writing [a] Lecture Summary

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A good summary entails explaining the speaker’s main points supporting it with a few excellent examples that illustrate these points.

Since you are [writing] a summary, you need to

i. keep it succinct and brief
ii. be selective in writing down information
iii. focus on details that are indeed important.

You should also keep in mind that lecture summaries need to be written in your own words but do not forget to include notable keywords and phrases (and put quotation marks around the speaker’s words for attribution).

Your summary should be about the lecture: what point is the lecturer trying to drive home? What evidence does he use? Naturally, you may often consider your own position/view/stance on a topic or an argument; it is tempting to include an assessment or opinion about the lecture or topic of discussion, but this is not the goal of a lecture summary.

Hence, do not include your own view.

The conclusion of your summary should explain the significance or implications of the lecture. That is, how does the speaker explain the significance or implications of the topic?

Finally, kindly note that your key to success in writing a good lecture summary is your understanding of such audio lecture; therefore, it is essential to listen carefully and closely. To write a good summary, identify what information is important and condense that information for your reader. The better you understand the lecture, the easier it is to explain it thoroughly and briefly.

As a specific guide for the lectures that would be passed to you, use this [guide]:
- For a 20-30 minutes lecture, effort should be made to maintain a 250 word count.
- For a for a 30-50 minutes lecture, the word count should be maintained at below 400 words.
- For lectures above 50 minutes, the word count should be maintained at below 1000 words.

However, personal discretion can be applied according to the lecture content, but note again that brevity is a major ingredient of the summary task.

This wikiHow link would be of further aid

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