How to contribute

Thanks for your interest in being part of this noble project.
In this phase, we are collating information about
- Muslim grave yards
- Muslim hospitals
- Madrasahs/Madaaris*
- Lecture Centers*
* - restricted primarily to dawahnigeria resource persons

There are various ways through which you can be a part of this project. They include:
- Direct data collection
- Linking up with societies/bodies that have whole or part of desired data

How to send data to us
- Send to [email protected]
- Call or SMS 08098251346

Fields for Muslim Grave Yard (sample -

  • Address    
  • State
  • Coordinating Body/Community/Society    
  • Contact Person - (Name/Phone Number/Email)    
  • How to get there (public transport)    
  • How to get there (driving)    
  • Costing and related information
  • Description of Funeral Services   
    • Space for Janazah prayer     
    • Digging of grave    
    • Ghusl Janazah (Washing of corpse)    
    • Shroud Procurement    
    • Imam to lead Janazah
  • Other Relevant Description (procedure, guidelines, instructions etc)    

Fields for Muslim Hospital

  • Availability of FEMALE Doctor(s) to handle Muslim women's privacy   
  • Address    
  • State    
  • Contact Person - (Name/Phone Number/Email)    
  • How to get there (driving)    
  • How to get there (public transport)    
  • General Overview of Services (Surgery, Pediatrics, Women issues (O&G), ICU, Dental, Ophthalmology, ER&T etc)
  • General Overview of available tests and investigations