dawahnigeria DISCS v1.1; faster and with broader compatibility (Windows 32/64bit, Mac, Linux)

Dawahnigeria DVD v1.1
Download Link 2 (DN Amazon S3) : dawah dvd
File Size: 4G

The DVD contains

  • Hundreds of articles sourced from AbdurRahman.org,
  • Over 5000 fatawa sourced from Islamqa.com,
  • Over 100 lectures in 4 languages,
  • 12 Juzz Amma recitations in indigenous intonation (Adabi, Markazi, Hausa etc with WONDERFUL Tajweed),
  • Qur'an text in English and Arabic language
  • A robust Islamic quiz application (almost 1000 questions with explanation)

Quranopedia.com v1.1
Download Link 1 (DN Amazon S3): Quranopedia.com
Download Link 2 (4Shared): Quranopedia.com
File Size: 686M

Link to online version -> QURANOPEDIA.COM

Content Overview:
For every ayah of the qur'an:

  • Structural Similarity (Mutashaabihaat)
  • Semantic Similarity (Meaning)
  • Tafseer in English (ibn Katheer)
  • Tafseer in Arabic (ibn Katheer, Jalalain and Qurtubi)
  • Sababun-Nuzuul (Occasions of Revelation)
  • Index terms
  • Qur'an Transliteration
  • Qur'an Translation (English, Hausa and Yoruba)
  • Audio recitation by Shaykh Khalil Husori

Download Link 1 (DN Amazon S3): Dawahtorials
Download Link 2 (4Shared): Dawahtorials
File Size: 375M
Dawahtorials Overview: click here for more information


With great joy and delight, we announce the release of v1.1 of our dawah discs. This is the result of intensive research and development to correct the critical issues about v1.0's limited compatibility. Alhamdulillaahi, version 1.1 is faster and with broader compatibility (Windows 32/64bit, Mac, Linux)
How to use
- Just download
- Use Winzip, Winrar or any compression software to unpack
- Click on Run and ...enjoy!
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