DN Quiz [Starting Sunday, 17th February 2019!]

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What is DNquiz?

DN Quiz is a social media-hosted quiz organized by dawahnigeria in collaboration with http://deenquiz.com. Through it, we intend, bi idhnillah, to further increase the appreciation of Islamic scholarship and enlighten the Ummah.

How to play

To participate in the DN quiz, simply visit any of our social media platforms, link below.

What are the guidelines governing the DN Quiz?

  • The multiple choice quiz question is would be posted by 5pm and answered by 12pm the next day.
  • The questions would be posted on dawahnigeria Facebook group, Instagram and Twitter social media platforms.
  • Participants are expected to reply by specifying the correct option and give a brief explanation possibly substantiating the point(s) and giving evidences.
  • While you can participate on any of the platforms as you desire, you can only be awarded prize on only one platform daily.
  • If you respond on more than one platform, the quiz administrator would choose any response randomly as your main submission to be considered for award.
  • It is not allowed to give more than one answer to a quiz post. You can, however, submit other posts collaborating with other quiz takers and exchanging ideas.
  • Explanation should be referenced if as appropriate.
  • Editing of response is not allowed. Immediate disqualification follows.
  • All responses must mention (i.e @XYZ) at least 2 friends; the more you mention, the better!
  • If you learn anything new from anyone’s answer, tell the world & get rewarded! Simply start your comment with “I JUST LEARNT THIS” (capital letters). The most LIKED “I JUST LEARNT THIS” post gets instant airtime reward DAILY!

What is the reward for answering a quiz question correctly?

  • As you play the daily DN Quiz, you are accumulating points.
  • Winners are selected weekly on Saturdays. The winners for the week are the top 3 players with the highest points.
  • The top winner gets 2G data, second gets 1G and third gets 500MB.
  • The reward can be redeemed as cash of N1,000, N500 and N300 for the respective winners.
  • Responses to quiz could either be designated as “Answer of the day”, “Other correct answers” and “Good attempt”.
  • The “Answer of the day” is the first response to select the right option and give a convincing but brief explanation.
  • The player whose response is “Answer of day” gets 10pt.
  • Other users might get awarded points strictly based on the discretion of the quiz administrator.

Can I share the DN Quiz with family and friends?

Yes, We encourage you to share with Family and friends, also encourage them to participate so as they can also benefit from the knowledge and also the reward.

Can I participate in the DN Quiz across all platforms?

The quiz will be posted on our Facebook Group, Twitter & Instagram platforms. If you respond on more than one platform, the quiz administrator would choose any response randomly as your main submission to be considered for award.

What is the duration to participate in DN Quiz?

DN Quiz questions would be posted daily. Each quiz would be available by 5:00pm in the evening and ends 12:00pm the following day, in sha Allah.

Can I participate after the question has been answered?

Yes you can. But we encourage you answer the question within the given time of the quiz, it is more fun this way!

How do I qualify to participate in DN Quiz?

Simply follow us on our social media handles on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

Can my points be rolled over?

Yes, your points accumulate till weekend when the Winners for the week are selected.

Can Non-Muslims participate?

Sure, as long as they contribute fairly

What happens if i give a comprehensive answer after the quiz time has elapsed?

As answered above, you can contribute even after the question has been answered. As Muslims, our intention is to contribute useful information to enlighten other people. You can always do this even after the quiz is answered.

How will i claim the prize awarded?

The three winners by the end of the week will be contacted via their social media accounts.

Can i borrow a little idea from somebody’s answer to come up with mine?

If we find that two or more answers are the same or similar, we will give priority to the first answer.