Great Trial - How The Unthinkable Happened

Wed, 03/27/2019 - 10:28 -- dawahnigeria

1. It was just after Isha on February 28, DN dawahcast developed an unprecedented problem.

2. With a server glitch, we lost all we have being labouring for since 2009, 10years. Our prized platform with over 100 THOUSAND AUDIOS [lectures, audiobooks, Quran recitation etc] in 6 Nigerian languages was gone.

3. Our server host told us point-blank that they could not help us. We had dismantled a number of fallback measures earlier, in the face of dwindling donations & rising cost.

4. This is so painful to us and we sincerely apologize for the inconveniences. We appreciate all the calls, messages and 'near-threats'.

5. Due to the downtime:
- Nearly 30,000 people would have been unable to get more guidance (some were close to tears, we too!)
- Over 10 terabyte of dawah could not be delivered

6. Alhamdulillaahi, we reopened yesterday after a month of downtime! The DN Team struggled to cross the 60% resolution milestone, spending heavily and overwhelmingly overworked.

7. Sadly, while we are back online, we have lost a chunk of resources, probably forever! Work is still ongoing to recover as much as possible.

8. We are in a serious financial mess. Our book balance is currently on a marathon in the 'red' direction.

9. We are still rebuilding the collapsed infrastructure. We also need to work on returning the stability and reliability measures we had to discontinue previously.

10. We have been working on some sustainability initiative [Adverts, DN Subscriptions, DNZip etc coming soon]. In sha Allah, we would get there.

11. We need sustained help. To keep afloat, we need consistent help till we can stand alone. It costs approximately N3,500 - N5,000 monthly to host & manage a resource person & we currently have over 200.

12. Please do something
To donate any amount online NOW -

For bank transfers
GT Bank / Edawah / 0051271861
Stanbic / Edawah / 0011002005

You could also contribute by sharing this with anyone who can help.

For more information, please contact Mustapha (English & Yoruba) on 08125793019 or Ibrahim (Hausa) on 08173421306. You can also send a mail to [email protected]

abu haneefah ibraaheem ath-thaqaafee