(**MORALS**) There Are Specific Times In The Day During Which Muslims Are Not Meant To Visit Others. Learn Them NOW!

The Prophet (S.A.W) Did Correct People's Mistakes With Wisdom And Patience. Learn More And Emulate Him....

(**NO DOUBT**) ALLAH Owns The Control Of The World, So You Should Hope In Him Alone No Matter Your Calamity. Learn The Concept NOW!

Solatul Jum'ah: Talking While The Sermon Is On Is Permissible In Some Cases. When?

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Prophet Muhammad Is a Human Like You. He Also Endured And Persevered; All For Our Success

(**IMPORTANT**) Learn A Great Lesson From The Noble Preaching Of Prophet Solih.

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Islamic Rulings Relax When Circumstances Get Very Difficult - It Is Recommended By The Prophet (SAW) To Delay Solatu Dhuhr When The Sun Is Extremely Hot

How much of breastfeeding by another mother can make the baby take up rulings similar to her own child

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