Course Name 02 (Jurisprudences Guiding Solatul Jum'ah; How Sermon Should Be Delivered) Larn The Concept NOW!

(**DOUBT NOT!!!**) All Prophets Were Sent By Allaah To Establish Islam, The Named And Perfected Religion.

"INTENTION" - An Inevitable Step In The Worship Of A Muslim. Learn What It Means And How It Is Established; The Sunnah And The Bid'ah.

Muslims Must Take Proper Care Of Their Solah, Those Who Do Not Know Should Learn It.

07:00 mins
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If You Want The First Row In Solaah, Come Early. Not Encouraged For Elders to Pull Younger Ones Behind. In Matters of Ibaadah, We Must All Strive For The Best

It Is Compulsory To Face The QIBLA During Solah. Learn How To Know The Direction...

03:38 mins
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Course Name: Solaah 103 ( Learn Some More Principles Of The Prophet's Solah And Emulate Him)

06:19 mins
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It Is Not Permisible To Start Solah With Any Thing Other than Saying "ALLAHU AKBAR"

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