Imagine doing dawah to over 250k people monthly. YES, YOU CAN!

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Imagine being among the people that power up our engines blasting dawah, changing lives & remodeling souls.

Imagine being among the people who get continuous rewards (in sha Allah) even while asleep, educating new revert, old Muslims, amplifying the voice of scholars, partaking in the mission of the Noble Prophet [may Allah's peace and blessings be upon him].

You can be that person who powers up the engine that does dawah to over 250k people monthly; taking a share of the reward, THE WHOLE SHARE!



You are a step closer to contributing to something big, and earn your rewards in manifolds from Allah.

LightUP DN Office is very essential to the stability and sustainability of our noble mission.

When you donate this, you get to contribute to the very core of our resource need, bi idhnillah, taking a reward share from the tens of thousands that use our platforms monthly!

Join others in taking up whole or part of our need below, making the project LightUP DN Office become a reality.








Inverter (x1)
3.5 or 4 KVA – 48V



N260, 000

1 unit


Solar Panels (x4)

300W Mono Solar Panel




4 units needed

 @N75,000 each


Inverter Battery (x4)

12V 200AH Inverter Battery



N508, 000

4 units needed


@N127, 000 each


Generator (x1)



5KVA Diesel Soundproof Generator



1 unit




You can buy directly or send money to us

If you are buying directly please contact us through on [email protected] or call 08125793019, 08075724378 to plan for the logistics on how we can take the delivery.

To contribute the cash in whole or part, please use any of the channels below:

Bank Transfer

GT Bank / Edawah / 0051271861
Stanbic / Edawah / 0011002005

Paypal: [email protected]

Paystack [Online/Mastercard]:

Jazaakumulloohu khayran

abu haneefah ibraaheem ath-thaqaafee MBA,M.Inf.Sc,PMP,CISA,COBIT5

The E-dawah Foundation
[email protected]
08075724378, 02-2911864
"Reviving the Ummah, byte by byte"