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How to use the Store

3 simple steps

  •  Add the product to "Cart" and click on "Checkout"
  •  Fill in appropiate information to the displayed fields and click next.
  •  On the payment page, select the desired payment option (Bank Deposit/Transfer, Quickteller /Interswitch, Paypal, e-Wallet )

After payment has been confirmed, visit your "Account Profile" page (link in the page footer) for order history and download links.

For complaint, suggestions or general inquiry, please contact [email protected] or call the Helpline: 02-2911864


Read below for a more detailed explanation:

  1. Click on "Add to Cart" button on the desired product.
  2. After doing this, you can either proceed to "Checkout" or you continue shopping
  3. Clicking on "Go to Checkout", you are taken to the "Cart" page where you can further edit your orders
  4. Once you are ready to complete order and proceed to payment, click on "Checkout"
  5. At this point, if you are not signed in, you would be asked to enter your email address. If an account exists for that email, you would be asked for password with which you would login. If the email is not attached to any existing account, an account would be automatically created for you with details sent to your box.

    Please note that your dawahnigeria user accounts are centralized meaning that you can use the same username/password on any dawahnigeria portal.

    If you have created an account through any other dawahnigeria portal, you can use the same login details here. If you cannot remember either your username or password, use the "Forgot Password" page to reset your account. After successfully logging in, you would see a block to the right titled "Shopping Cart" with buttons to "View Cart" and "Checkout". All items added to cart throughout the process would still be seen in it.
  6. On the "Checkout" page, you would be asked for you Name, Address, City, State and Phone Number. After entering these, click next.
  7. Finally, you get to the payment page. Here you select the desired payment medium. To pay online, you either use Paypal or use the Interswitch portal (Quickteller). For offline, you pay to the bank account displayed and send a notification after deposit has been made. You can also select DAWAH COINS if you have previously loaded your e-Wallet. Select the desired payment method and "Continue to the next Step"
  8. If you selected Bank Transfer, this is the last step. If you selected Paypal, you would be redirected to Paypal to make payment and brought back after completion.
  9. Finish!
  10. Once the process has completed successfully, your transaction would be activated once payment has been confirmed. Then, your files (download links) and other order details would be mailed to your email address. They can be viewed online in your "Account Profile" page (see link in footer or "My Files" link in the "Browse Site" link at the top of the page).

For more information about how to use the portal, please click here or call 02-2911864

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