Good, great news on H+

Wed, 12/17/2014 - 05:36 -- dawahnigeria

To the glory of Allaah,we are increasing our H+ centers from 2 to 5! (more soon in sha Allaah)

We have set up an H+ center for

  • Alhaji Buwayb (Iwo, Yoruba)
  • Ustadh Luqman Idris (Akure, Yoruba)
  • Dr Sharafadeen Raji (Ogbomosho, Yoruba/Hausa).

Previously, we had only Ustadh Sulayman Amubieya and Ustadh AbdulGhaniy Jum'ah on H+.

The goal of the Hotspot Plus initiative is to assist in replicating the Ramadan e-Tafseer experience (daily uploads of tafseer recordings) outside Ramadan for as many resource persons as possible. This involves ***continuous and consistent*** uploading of lectures for a center/resource person (jumat khutbah , weekly halqah, misc lectures etc).

Of course, this requires LOTS of logistics and cost from usĀ  and our center reps. That is why we need people to join the dawah elite team of center sponsors by subscribing to the H+ initiative with just N1200 for 3 months. This way, they would have immediate access to H+ downloads of that center; others would have to wait for 1 month to access them. Please subscribe, even if you do not have interest in downloading; direct donations too are welcome.

Please note that this temporary restriction applies ONLY to H+ lectures; there are over 100G of non-H+ lectures without restriction on the dawahcast portal. We need center sponsors to assist with funds and the restriction also helps in regulating downloads as our monthly server bill is already skyrocketing. Allaah's help is sought.

To read more about H+, please click here