Finally, dawahnigeria PHASE III is launched

Sat, 07/27/2013 - 21:56 -- dawahnigeria

To the glory of Allaah, a new phase of our noble project is finally launched. We are a step closer to our 5-phase dream of delivering pristine dawah using information technology.

The following are the major project updates coming along with this new phase

Please note that special care has been taken to make the portals fully responsive (mobile-optimized) for maximum benefit and accessibility.

Also, to glory of Allaah, our dawahnigeria package containing dawahnigeria dvd, disc and a sticker IS FINALLY READY. The first batch of 7,000 was completed yesterday, 18th Ramadan, 1434AH. The not-too-good news is that the packages have finished even before we start distribution. Of course, 7000 cannot go round Nigeria! Lets join hands in putting this huge resource into the hands of Muslims (unit price of N100). The next production would be towards Eid Adha in sha Allaah. We pray that Allaah brings forth the people who would sponsor the remaining 93,000 packages for free distribution.

Finally, blood still runs in our veins! We need more motivation and tools to work with. We spend heavily on maintaining our 3 servers and powering the massive logistics involved in keeping the project running. Alhamdulillaahi, we have gotten to the 3rd phase but the 4th and 5th are huger than the previous phases combined, in sha Allaah. Trust me. Don't hesitate to send down any low-lying N50 or N100. You can also join the SAABIQUUNAL AWWAALUUN (fore runners) by doing even more! Don't try imagining the idea of getting 1 hasanah for every page load, every click, every second of audio and every download on our numerous portals. For more information on our needs and how to donate, please click here.

And all power and glory belongs to Allaah

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