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DN Qur'an Service

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Source Player Reciters Dr Abdur-Razaq Alaro (Yoruba translation) Qaari Gwani Dahir Qaari Gwani Sadiqu Qaari Ibrahim Al-Maa'i Qaari Ibrahim Abba Qaari Ibrahim Muhammadul-Awwal Qaari Ibrahim Yahya (Talqeen) Qaari Ibrahim Yahya (Chorus) Qaari Ibrahim Yahya (Yoruba translation) Qaari Ismail Musa (Adaby) Qaari Kabiru Daura Qaari Usman Birini Kebbi Qaari Yahudha Bauchi (Quran recitation) Shaykh Abdullah Abba Shaykh Ibrahim Ahmad Sulayman Shaykh Mahmud Jaafar Ustadh Abdur-Rahmaan Yola Qaari Salih Musa Ozovehe (Adabiy) Qaari Anas Kura Qaari Ismaeel Maiduguri Quran Recitation By Qaari Nasiru Gwandu Qaari Abdul Kareem Abass (Thaqaafiyyah) Qaari Abdul Basit Abass-Zakariyyah (Hafs) Qaari Abdul Basit Muhammad Inuwa (Hafs) Qaari Ibrahim Al-Maa'i (Adabiy) Qaari Idris Gashuwa (Quran Recitation) Qaari Abdullah Bappah (Quran Recitation) Qaari Usman U-kanawa (Quran Recitation)

Other Works of The E-dawah Foundation

Below are some of our projects: A huge initiative, in its first phase, to bring the Quran closer to people, with a vision of becoming an encyclopedia of the Quran. A quiz app with almost 4500 objective questions (easy, intermediate and advanced), with answers and little explanation on various areas of Islamic field of knowledge.
DN Highlight Project: The Highlight project was initiated to deliver short audio daily reminders to the Ummah, especially those who might not be too comfortable with full dawahcast lectures due to time or bandwidth constraint.
DN Dawahcast(R): Provision of lecture in audio format of more than 30 resource persons in 5 languages (English, Hausa, Igbo, Ibira & Yoruba)
DN Articles: Provision of quality articles from various sources. The well tagged articles cover almost 70 topic areas relevant to both Muslims and non-Muslims.
DN Qur’an: Provision of qur’an recitations in various Nigerian intonations.
DN e-Tafseer Project: Initiative to enable people follow-up on daily tafseer sessions of numerous centers across the country. We started with 7 centers in Ramadan 1433AH and the number has been growing significantly since then.
DN Qur'an Service: 24/7 online Quran stations that stream quran from various Nigerian reciters. It is available on Android, iOS, and mobile-optimized Web version.
DN Marketplace: An online store to sell dawah works of various resource persons, magazine subscriptions etc. It is primarily for assisting and encouraging resource persons to publish and profit from their quality works.
DN Directory: It is a platform with an audacious mission to track and index information about numerous facets relevant to the deen of an average Nigerian Muslim.
DN Showcase: Pinterest-like display of Islamic art, calligraphy, mosques and other beneficial images by NIGERIAN designers. Aims to be a central point for Nigerian designers who signup and upload their works.