Dawahnigeria Ramadan 1435AH Budget

Mon, 06/09/2014 - 09:17 -- dawahnigeria

Bandwidth                                                                              N60, 000
-We spent N48,000 on bandwidth last Ramadan
-We plan to upload more than 50G of past/old lectures

Ramadan Quiz Gift                                                                 N51, 000 (N1,700 x 30)
Hosting                                                                                    N28,050 ($170 at N165 to $1)
-We currently pay $120/month
-We are adding more capacity to cater to Ramadan traffic

Stipend for temporary staff                                                    N40,000
Miscellaneous and Logistics                                                 N30,000
                                                                                 Total      N209,050

Our proposed activities for this Ramadan, in sha Allaah

  • •     e-Tafseer: Daily upload of Tafseer recordings of various resource persons
  • •     Quiz Competion with daily prizes
  • •     Upload of over 50Gig of new audio resources
  • •     Launch of a downloadable article portal using resources extracted from Deen Communications publications (anNaseehah, Deen Digest, Legacy).
  • •     Launch an Android, iPad/iPhone, Windows and Blackberry app for our Quiz platform
  • •     Launch first phase of our Directory project
  • •     Launch Dawahnigeria Highlight portal (details later)
  • •     Remodel the Dawahcast and Quranopedia portal

To support us:
GT Bank
Name: Dawahnigeria (Edawah Technologies)
Account Number; 0051271861
Please visit Support | dawahnigeria.com  for more donation channels.

Allaahumma balligna Ramadan

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[email protected]
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