Dawahnigeria Ramadan 1436AH Budget

Sun, 05/24/2015 - 14:42 -- dawahnigeria
Ramadan 1436AH is already upon us.
And just as you are fastening your seat belts and getting ready for this glorious month, so are We, with our 'nuclear-powered' Ramadan dawah engine loaded with exciting and beneficial packages.
But we need help with some fuel to power up this engine!
Below is our budget, please send some 'litres' our way. We know its hard to come by, but kindly help, even a drop would do.

Dawahnigeria Ramadan 1436AH Budget

1. Ramadan Quiz                                                N100,000
2. Ramadan Outreach & Publicity                      N100,000
3. Internet Bandwidth                                         N60,000
4. Production & Distribution of                           N250,000
   2000 DN DVD disc packages (read more)
5. Hosting                                                            N55,000   
6. Miscellaneous & Logistics                              N100,000
Total: N665,000
To support us:

GT Bank

Name: Dawahnigeria (Edawah Technologies)

Account Number: 0051271861

For more donation channels, please visit Support | dawahnigeria.com http://dawahnigeria.com/support
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abu haneefah ibraaheem ath-thaqaafee

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