Help fund DN Ramadan 1438 AH Budget (Breakdown inside)

Tue, 05/16/2017 - 22:31 -- dawahnigeria

Alhamdulillaahi, its another Ramadan in sha Allah. We ask for his mercies and rahmah in this month and always.

As usual, we have lots of interesting stuff on our table noblest of which is our Ramadan e-Tafseer Program.

This Ramadan, in sha Allah, we would be coordinating over 30 tafseer centers across the country giving you instant access either as recorded or LIVE stream (audio or video).

Stay tuned, more details on this later.


Here is a breakdown of our budget:


Summary DN Ramadan 1438 Budget  
Airtime ₦15,000.00
Transport Logistics ₦30,000.00
Internet Bandwidth (inhouse & 40 remote centers) ₦220,500.00
Media Campaign & Publicity ₦135,000.00
Server Bill ($396) ₦148,500.00
HR ₦60,000.00
Miscellaneous ₦30,000.00
Total ₦639,000.00

Kindly contribute towards the successful execution of this project.

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