Sponsor e-Tafseer [LIVE/Recorded] for a center throughout Ramadan with just N30,000!

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When you sponsor e-Tafseer for a center

- You get to facilitate the spread of best of words [Quran] at the best of times [Ramadan]
- You get rewarded for all those who listen to the lectures, within and after Ramadan, till the end of eternity. [Over 1 million downloads/plays last year Ramadan only and several millions after!]
- You get commission on all those who perform ibaadah based on what they have learnt from what you facilitated!

You can want these and lots more for yourself or sponsor on behalf of your parents, family etc.
You can also team up with other people to sponsor a center
This is real deal sodaqotul jaariyay, in sha Allah.

DN e-Tafseer is an initiative of The E-dawah Foundation to broadcast, LIVE/Recorded, the highly beneficial Ramadan tafseer sessions of prominent scholars that go on in different sections of the country and in different languages.

DN pioneered e-Tafseer in Nigeria 9 years ago.
We have grown from 1 center in 2010 to 86 centers in 2018.
In sha Allah, this year, we would be coordinating over 150 e-tafseer centers across the country in 8 languages (Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba, English, Nupe, Igala, Ebira).

It cost N30,000 to sponsor a center
With this, you would enable people from all over the world listen to the tafseer sessions of the center LIVE & recorded, daily throughout Ramadan! Sweet jaariyah reward even after

GT Bank / Edawah / 0051271861
Stanbic / Edawah / 0011002005

Visit http://www.dawahnigeria.com/support for other donation channels [Paystack, Paypal, ATM etc]

For more information, please contact [email protected] or call 08125793019


DAWAHNIGERIA e-Tafseer initiative v9.0 would be bringing you LIVE/Recorded Ramadan tafseer of the following resource persons.

Kwara State
- Prof Abdur-Razzaaq Abdul Majeed Alaro  (Yoruba,Ilorin)
- Shaykh Nurudeen Ademola   (Yoruba,Offa)
- Ustadh Abd Razaq Bn Hassan Ejigbo   (Yoruba,Ilorin)
- Ustadh Alli Bawa (Yoruba,Ilorin)
- Ustadh Ibrahim Yusuf Dasuki  (Yoruba,Ilorin)
- Ustadh Abdulfattah Sarumi  (Yoruba,Ilorin)
- Ustadh Isma'eel Ibn Muhd-Raji (Yoruba, Kwara)
- Imam Dr. Kamaldeen Ajijolakewu  (Yoruba,Ilorin)
- Ustadh Abdullah Ibrahim Ajikobi  (Yoruba/Ilorin)

Lagos State
- Ustadh AbdulGhani Jumu’ah  (Yoruba, Lagos)
- Ustadh Abdul Hakeem Abdur Raheem Al-kutuby (Yoruba, Lagos)
- Ustadh Tajudeen Uthman  (Yoruba, Lagos)
- Ustadh Abd Rouf Ballo  (Yoruba, Lagos)
- Shaykh Habeebullah Jumu’ah (Yoruba, Lagos)
- Ustadh Sa’eed Hamzah (Yoruba, Lagos)
- Ustadh Siraj Abdulfattah (Yoruba, Lagos)
- Shaykh Yusuf Ariyibi     (Yoruba, Lagos)
- Shaykh Najmdeen Sulayman (Yoruba, Lagos)
- Shaykh Daud Dhul Qurnayn Busair Abulzzar (Yoruba, Lagos)

Ondo State
- Dr Luqmaan Idris Sekoni (Yoruba, Akure)
- Ustadh Qamaarudeen Bello(Yoruba, Ikare)
- Ustadh AbdulHameed Hanafi (Yoruba, Akure)

Ogun State
- Shaykh Qamarudeen Yunus (Yoruba, Abeokuta)

Osun State
- Shaykh Rasheed Buwayb (Yoruba,Iwo)
- Dr Faadhil Abiola (Yoruba,Osogbo)
-Ustadh Habeebullaah Al-Edewiy (Yoruba,Ede)

Oyo State
- Dr Sharaafudeen Raji Gbadebo (Yoruba,Ogbomoso)
- Ustadh AbdulWaasi Eleyinke (Yoruba,Iseyin)
- Dr AbdulJelil Alagunfon  (Yoruba,Ibadan)
- Ustadh Rasheed Haashim  (Yoruba,Ibadan)
- Ustadh Rasheed Mudathir  (Yoruba,Ibadan)
- Ustadh Sulayman Jenrade  (Yoruba,Iseyin)
- Ustadh Murtadho Abdur Raheem  (Yoruba,Iseyin)
- Ustadh AbdulHakeem Bolaji AbdulGhaniy  (Yoruba,Iseyin)
- Ustadh Ibrahim Aikore  (Yoruba,Ibadan)
- Ustadh Sulayman Hamzah  (Yoruba,Ibadan)
- Ustadh Mansur Eesa Faisol (Yoruba,Ibadan)
- Ustadh Mikail Abu Raheemah (Yoruba, Ibadan)
- Ustadh Muhyydeen Salahudeen As Sudaany (Yoruba, Ibadan)
- Dr Ismaeel Yuunus  (Yoruba,Ibadan)
- Shaykh Tajudeen Abdul Kareem Baba Lagbeni (Yoruba, Ibadan)

Enugu State
- Ustadh Isa Christian Okonkwo (Igbo, Enugu)

- Mallam Ibrahim Aliyu Kaduna  (Hausa, Abuja)

- Dr Abdulqadir Saleh Kazaure  (Hausa, Adamawa)
- Shaykh Abubakar Sa'eed Al-Bongowi  (Hausa, Adamawa)
- Shaykh Muhammad Abubakar Mukhtar Yola  (Hausa, Adamawa)

- Dr Ibrahim Disina  (Hausa, Bauchi)
- Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim Fantami  (Hausa, Bauchi)

- Dr Ali Mustapha Abubakar  (Hausa, Borno)
- Dr Bukar Muhammad Usman  (Hausa, Borno)
- Shaykh Abubakar Mustapha Biu  (Hausa, Borno)

- Barrister Kalimullah Ahmad Musa Hina  (Hausa, Gombe)
- Dr Abdullah Uthman  (Hausa, Gombe)
- Dr Muhammad Kabiru Haruna  (Hausa, Gombe)
- Dr Raasheed AbdulGaniy  (Hausa, Gombe)
- Dr Tahir Ibrahim Inuwa Phd  (Hausa, Gombe)
- Dr Umar Garba Dokaji  (Hausa, Gombe)
- Shaykh Abdullahi Padallan  (Hausa, Gombe)
- Shaykh Abdullahi Usman Shelleng  (Hausa, Gombe)
- Shaykh Abubakar Usman Bolari  (Hausa, Gombe)
- Shaykh Adamu Dokoro  (Hausa, Gombe)
- Shaykh Ibrahim H. Musa Al-Baani  (Hausa, Gombe)
- Shaykh Aliyu Adam Ladda-Bunza  (Hausa, Gombe)

- Dr Abubakar Muhammad Sani Birnin Kudu  (Hausa, Jigawa)

- Dr Jamilu Yusuf Zarewa  (Hausa, Kaduna)
- Dr Muhammad Baba  (Hausa, Kaduna)
- Dr Tukur Adam Al-Manar  (Hausa, Kaduna)
- Shaykh Ahmad Al-Garkawiy  (Hausa, Kaduna)
- Shaykh Alkali Murtada Nasir Almisry  (Hausa, Kaduna)
- Shaykh Ibrahim Aliyu  (Hausa, Kaduna)
- Shaykh Ishaq Yunus Al-Madaadi  (Hausa, Kaduna)
- Shaykh Muhammad Yahya Asalafiy  (Hausa, Kaduna)
- Dr Jamil Muhammad Sadis  (Hausa, Zaria)
- Dr Muhammad Shuaibu Rabihu  (Hausa, Zaria)
- Imam Aliyu Abdullah Telex  (Hausa, Zaria)
- Mallam Abubakar Jumare Gidado  (Hausa, Zaria)
- Mallam Haruun Umar Asalafiy  (Hausa, Zaria)
- Mallam Khidr Ibrahim Kaura  (Hausa, Zaria)
- Mallam Nura Zubairu Dambo  (Hausa, Zaria)
- Mallam Umar Abubakar Mustapha  (Hausa, Zaria)
- Mallam Umar Shehu Zaria  (Hausa, Zaria)
- Shaykh Muhammad Abubakar Auwal Maishago  (Hausa, Zaria)
- Shaykh Muhammad Basheer Lawal  (Hausa, Zaria)
- Shaykh Tahir Umar Hassan Rigasa  (Hausa, Zaria)

- Barrister Ishaq Adam Ishaq Rijiyar-Zaki  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Abdallah Usman Gadan Kaya  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Abdul-Kadir Ismail  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Abdullah Muhammad Getso  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Abdullah Saleh Pakistan  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Aminu Ismail Kano (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Bashir Aliyu Umar  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Ibrahim Ilyasu Adam  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Khidir Bashir  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Mudallab Ahmad Triumph  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Muhammad Ahmad Ibrahim BUK  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Muhammad Muslim Ibrahim  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Muhammad Nazifi Inuwa  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Muhammad Rabiu Umar Rijiyar Lemu  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Muhammad Sani Umar Rijiyar Lemu  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Najeeb Auwal Abubakar  (Hausa, Kano)
- Dr Tukur Adam Al-Manar  (Hausa, Kano)
- Mallam Anas Asalafiy Fagee  (Hausa, Kano)
- Mallam Ibrahim Bn Yahya  (Hausa, Kano)
- Mallam Junaid Bello Gwammaja  (Hausa, Kano)
- Mallam Mubarak Lawan Abubakar  (Hausa, Kano)
- Mallam Muhammad Aliyu Yunus Gadan Kaya  (Hausa, Kano)
- Mallam Murtadha Abdul-Kabir Annaesy  (Hausa, Kano)
- Mallam Nasiru Tijani Kankarofi  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Abdallah Uthman Hotoro  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Abdul-Wahab Abdullah Sharada  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Abdullah Muhammad Yan-Kaba  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Abubakar Abbas Rijiyar Lemo  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Abubakar Shuaibu Lawan Triumph  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Abubakar Umar Kandahar  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Ahmad Ahmad Kura  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Aminu Ibrahim Daurawa  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Mudallab Ahmad Gusau  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Muhammad Bn Uthman  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Muhammad Khamis Ibrahim Nasidi  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Muhammad Sani Ashir  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Musa Umar Tamburawi  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Shehu Mansur Dala  (Hausa, Kano)
- Shaykh Yahya Shehu Maimota  (Hausa, Kano)

- Shaykh Abbas Muhammad Jega  (Hausa, Kebbi)
- Shaykh Abdur-Rahman Isah Jega  (Hausa, Kebbi)
- Shaykh Abubakar Giro Argungu  (Hausa, Kebbi)
- Shaykh Aliyu Adam Ladda-Bunza  (Hausa, Kebbi)
- Shaykh Sulaiman Bawa Argungu  (Hausa, Kebbi)

- Barrister AbdAzeez AbdSalaam  (Yoruba & Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Dr Muhammad Tanko Aliyu Baitullah (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Mallam Abdul-Wahab Usman Aboki  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Mallam Abubakar Musa  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Mallam Abubakar Nuhu  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Mallam Aliyu Ibrahim Muhammad  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Mallam Awwal Bala Ibrahim  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Mallam Bukhariy Adam  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Mallam Bukhariy Yusuf Hashim  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Mallam Jamilu Ibrahim Muhammad  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Mallam Muhammad Abduk-Kabir Umar Bawa  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Mallam Muhammad Usman Yero  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Mallam Umar Muhammad Nasir  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Mallam Yahya Abdullahi Alube  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Ustadh Adam Ibrahim Al-Madaniy  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Ustadh Dawood Yahya Abubakar  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Ustadh Ya'akub Yahya Abdullahi  (Hausa, Nasarawwa)
- Barrister AbdAzeez AbdSalaam   (English/Hausa,Keffi)
- Dr Abdul Wahab Elesin         (Hausa, Keffi)

- Dr Bashir Ahmad Yankuzo  (Hausa, Niger)
- Shaykh Haruna Doma  (Hausa, Niger)
- Shaykh Abdullah Mujaheed  (Nupe, Niger)
- Shaykh Aliyu Muhammad Sadisu  (Hausa, Niger)
- Shaykh Muhammad Rabihu Abubakar Kwangila  (Hausa, Niger)
- Shaykh Umar Dada Paiko  (English, Niger)

- Mallam Jaafar Abubakar Egume  (Igala, Kogi)
- Imam Ibrahim Sulaiman  (Nupe, Kogi)
- Imam Yahya Isa Idah  (Hausa, Kogi)
- Shaykh Abu Bilaal  (Ebira, Kogi)
- Shaykh Imam Shaiginti Yaqeen  (Hausa, Kogi)
- Ustadh Abdul Maleek Gufran  (Ebira, Kogi)
- Ustadh Hassan Idris  (Hausa, Kogi)
- Ustadh Rabiu Abubakar  (Hausa, Kogi)

- Dr Abdur-Rahman Idris Zakariyyah  (Hausa, Plateau)
- Dr Nazifi Yunus Al-Bayaan  (Hausa, Plateau)
- Shaykh Ada'Urrahman Al-Hassan Sa'eed  (Hausa, Plateau)
- Shaykh Aliyu Aliyu  (Hausa, Plateau)
- Shaykh Hadi Yunus  (Hausa & Igala, Plateau)
- Shaykh Ibrahim Idris Darussa'ada  (Hausa, Plateau)
- Shaykh Ibrahim Imam Gwandu  (Hausa, Plateau)
- Shaykh Kamal Musa Nuh  (Hausa, Plateau)
- Shaykh Murtadha Abu Ibrahim  (Hausa, Plateau)
- Dr Ibrahim Jalo Jalingo  (Hausa, Jos)
- Dr Muhammad Sani Abdullah Jos  (Hausa, Jos)
- Shaykh Abdur-Razaaq Yahya Haifan  (Hausa, Jos)
- Dr Ahmad Abubakar Gumi  (Hausa, Kaduna)

- Dr Abubakar Usman Ribah  (Hausa, Sokoto)
- Dr Jabir Sani Maihula  (Hausa, Sokoto)
- Dr Mansur Ibrahim  (Hausa, Sokoto)
- Dr Mansur Isah Yelwa  (Hausa, Sokoto)
- Dr Tukur Abubakar Bodinga  (Hausa, Sokoto)
- Imam Abubakar Marafa Silame  (Hausa, Sokoto)
- Imam Abubakar Muhammad Shagari  (Hausa, Sokoto)
- Imam Aliyu Sharu Gwadaeawa  (Hausa, Sokoto)
- Imam Usman Muhammad D'ardo  (Hausa, Sokoto)
- Mallam Abdur-Rahman Sani M. Tawul  (Hausa, Sokoto)
- Mallam Bashir Ahmad Sani  (Hausa, Sokoto)
- Mallam Yahaya Usman Dida-dawa  (Hausa, Sokoto)
- Shaykh Aliyu Bello Yabo  (Hausa, Sokoto)

- Mallam Abdul Salam Abubakar BabanGwale  (Hausa, North)
- Mallam Ibrahim Usman Mabera  (Hausa, North)
- Shaykh Adam Muhammad Ardo  (Hausa, North)
- Shaykh Anas Tawfique Ibrahim Al-Bakri  (Hausa, North)
- Shaykh Yakub Musa Yakub (Hausa, North)