What to expect - Ramadan 1436AH dawahcast

Sun, 06/14/2015 - 15:13 -- dawahnigeria

Ramadan is coming; dawahcasting is moving a new level...

in sha Allaah, we are adding ALMOST 100G OF PRICELESS BACKLOG LECTURES of numerous respected resource persons across the country.

Also, as we have always done in our yearly e-Tafseer project, we would be featuring daily tafseer sessions of notable resource persons in various languages across the country.

But this time, we are GIVING YOU MORE. For the first time, we would be giving you LIVE tafseer broadcast!

We would be broadcasting the following daily tafseer sessions LIVE. (details later) 

  • Ustadh Luqman Idris (Yoruba, Akure)
  • Shaykh Umar Dada Paiko (English, Niger)
  • Dr Basheer Aliyu (Hausa, Kano)

Recorded sessions of the following would be available (more coming):

  1. Dr Abubakr Sanni (Hausa, Jigawa)
  2. Dr Basheer Aliyu (Hausa, Kano)
  3. Dr Sanni Umar Rijiyar Lemu (Hausa, Bauchi)
  4. Shaykh Bn Uthman (Hausa/English, Kano/USA)
  5. Barr Ahmad Sayi (English, Lagos)
  6. Ustadh AbdGhani Juma'ah/Ustadh Sulayman Tijani - Deen Communications Limited (English, Lagos)
  7. Shaykh Umar Dada Paiko (English, Niger)
  8. Barr AbdAzeez AbdSalaam/Ustadh Muslih Ibrahim (Yoruba/English, Nasarawwa)
  9. Ustadh Habeebullaah Al-Edewee (Yoruba, Iwo)
  10. Alh. Buwayb (Yoruba, Iwo)
  11. Ustadh Ajimoti (Yoruba, Ogbomosho)
  12. Dr Sharafudeen Raji (Yoruba, Ogbomosho)
  13. Ustadh Sulayman Amubieya (Yoruba, Ibadan)
  14. Ustadh Qamardeen Bello (Yoruba, Ikare)
  15. Ustadh Rasheed Haashim (Yoruba, Ibadan)
  16. Ustadh Sulayman Hamza (Yoruba, Ibadan)
  17. Ustadh Luqman Idris (Yoruba, Akure)
  18. Dr Fadhil Nurudeen (Yoruba, Iwo)
  19. Ustadh Ismaeel ibn Raji (Yoruba, Kwara)
  20. Ustadh Rasheed Mudathir (Yoruba, Ibadan)
  21. Ustadh Dawud Hambali (Yoruba, Kwara)
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