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Do You Know?According to the Holy Quran (11:44): "The Ark came to rest upon Al-Judi." According to recent evidence from an archaeological finding in Eastern Turkey, experts believe they may have di



Do You Know? The word "Qur'an" is used 70 times in the Holy Qur'an. The longest surah in the Qur'an is Surah Baqara which is the second Surah in order of compilation.



Do You Know?Flies carry parasitic pathogens for many diseases including malaria, typhoid fever, cholera, and others.



Do You Know?Avicenna, the Muslim scientist is the first to produce refined rose water that is used to cure 1000s of ailments in the medieval Islamic world.



Do You Know?Prophet Mohamed says to his companions: (this subject will reach all places the same as night and day) which means that Islam will spread to reach all places the same as night and day r



Do You Know?Coffee beans were native to Ethiopia, but the Muslim Arabs developed the beverage we know as coffee in the 15th century in Yemen when they traded with the Ethiopians.



DO You Know?According to the Metropolitan Museum of Art: "With the spread of Islam outward from the Arabian Peninsula in the seventh century, the figurative artistic traditions of the newly conquer



Do You Know?It was al-Mamun who built first modern astronomical observatories in Baghdad and Palmyra (Syria) in 829.



Do You Know?The most common instrument used by Muslim calligraphers is a reed or bamboo pen (Qalam). The dried reed or bamboo stem is treated and especially carved to hold ink of various colors.



Do You Know?Andalusian, Abu al-Hasan Ali ibn Nafi introduced underarm deodorants and improved detergents for washing clothes.



Do You Know?The great 10th-century Muslim surgeon Qasim al Zahrawi, described as the father of surgery, invented many surgical tools still used in modern medicine, including the scalpel, the surgic



Do You Know?From the second half of the eighth century to the end of the eleventh century, Islamic scientific developments were the basis of knowledge in the world.

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