The process of quilting

The process of quilting was introduced to Europe after Crusaders saw Muslim warriors wearing dual-layer shirts with layers of straw in between.


Surah Al-Infitar (17)

Transliteration: Wama adraka ma yawmu ddeen
English translation:And what will explain to thee what the Day of Judgment is?


Surah Al-Hijr (95)

Transliteration: Inna kafaynaka almustahzieena
English translation: For sufficient are We unto thee against those who scoff,-


Surah Saba (51)

Transliteration: Walaw tara idh fazi ‘uu fala fawta waukhidhuu min makanin qareebin


Du'a For leaving everything in the hands of Allah - 1

Say (O Muhammad SAW): "O Allah! Creator of the heavens and the earth! All-Knower of the Ghaib (unseen) and the seen.


Surah Al-Furqan (52)

Transliteration: Fala tuti i’ l kafireena wajahidhum bihi jihadan kabeeran


Du'a For a blissful family - 1

O my Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the comfort of our eyes, and give us (the grace) to lead the righteous.
Surah Al-Furqan - 25:74


Du'a For protection from the wrongdoers - 2

O our Lord! Truly Thou dost know what we conceal and what we reveal: for nothing whatever is hidden from Allah, whether on earth or in heaven
Surah Ibraheem - 38


Du'a For protection from the wrongdoers - 1

Upon Allah do we rely. Our Lord, make us not [objects of] trial for the wrongdoing people. And save us by Your mercy from the disbelieving people.
Surah Yunus - 10:85-86


Du'a For rain - 1

Allaahumma 'asqinaa ghaythan mugheethan maree'an maree'an, naafi'an ghayradhaarrin, 'aajilan ghayra 'aajilin.

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