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Question: Is it permissible for a woman to slaughter an animal?Shaykh al-Islam Ibn Taymiyah said: it is permitted to eat from ananimal which a man or a woman slaughters Islamically before it dies,



Question: Is it better for women to go out to Eid prayers or to stay at home?Al-Bukhaari (324) and Muslim (890) narrated that Umm Atiyyah (may Allaah be pleased with her) said: The Messenger of All



Question: Is fasting on the day of Arafah Wajib (compulsory) for those who are not performing Hajj?Ans: NoFasting on the day of Arafah is a confirmed Sunnah for those who are not performing Hajj.



Question: Is there a specific age at which animals may be killed?Ans: YesThe ummah is agreed that with regard to camels, cows and goats, nothing will do except a thaniyyah, and with regard to sheep



Question: If there were to be a prophet after Prophet Muhammad, it would be?Umar bin Khattab"If there were to be a prophet after me, it would be Umar ibn al-Khattab." The scholars differed concerni



What must a Muslim avoid during the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah if he wants to offer a sacrifice?Ans: They are as belowThe Sunnah indicates that the one who wants to offer a sacrifice must stop c



Can you eat while leaning against something?Narrated Abu Juhaifa: Allah's Messenger said, "I do not take my meals while leaning (against something)Sahih Bukhari 5398



Question: Which of the Hajj is considered the best?There are three types of Hajj, namely: Tamattu, Ifraad and Qiraan. The best of the three is Tamattu.



Question: Are there types of Hajj?There are three types of Hajj, namely: Tammattu, Ifraad and QiraanTamattu involves a complete Umrah and a complete Hajj separatelyIfraad means entering Ihraam for



Question: is it a sin to point your feet towards the Qiblah when sleeping?Ans: NoShaykh Ibn Uthaymeen was asked about pointing the feet towards the Qiblah whilst sleeping.



What is the reward of a Muslim who looks after an orphan?Ans: He/She will be beside the Prophet in JannahThe Prophet said: I and the person who look after an orphan and provides for him, will be in



Question: Are calamities connected to the words we sayAnswer:  Yes

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