Fasting more in the Month of Sha’ban

From The Virtue Of The Month Of Sha'bān Is That The Prophet ﷺ Would Fast Most Of It.


Etiquettes Of Fasting Sha'bān

Shaykh 'Abdul Muḥsin al-'Abbād حفظه الله إيمانه said: "... so it is not from the Sunnah to fast all of Sha'bān, rather the Sunnah is to fast the majority of it.


Increasing One's Fasting In Sha'bān

Ibn Rajab رحمه الله said: "...


Making Up of Fast

Whoever Has Fast To Make Up From The Past Ramaḍān Then It Is Necessary For Him To Make It Up In Sha'bān Before The Upcoming Ramaḍān.


Singling Out The 15th Of Sha'bān With Fast

Singling Out The 15th Of Sha'bān With Fast Has No Basis, Rather It Is Makrūh (Disliked).


Celebrating The 15th Nightof Sha'bān

Celebrating The 15th Night of Sha'bān Is An Innovation That Has No Basis.


The 100 Rak'ah Salāh Prayed On The 1st, 15th and 27th Night Of Sha'bān

The 100 Rak'ah Salāh That Is Prayed On The 1st & 27th Night Of Rajab And On The 15th Night Of Sha'bān Is An Innovation.


15th of Sha’ban Tahjud

All Of The Narrations About The Salāh That Is Prayed On The 15th Night Of Sha'bān Are Either Weak Or Fabricated.


Reminders of Sha'ban

<p>Series of Reminders about the month of Sha'ban</p>



 It is not permissible to sell gifts and roses if one knows that the purchaser will celebrate these holidays, give them as gifts or otherwise use them to honour this day, so that the vendor will no



Can a gift be taken or given during this festival?



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