types of people you'll see on jumuah


The rule breaker

These people use the toilet from the outside, they do not have the patience to wait and jejely go into the toilet.


The last water bender

These people have evolved, give them small water, they would prudently use it. Give trhem a bucket of water, they would finish it.


The Thor

They are failed snippers, while trying to hit the right spot and angle, they missed, causing a booming thunderous sound. most times they give excuses or simply bone-face


The snipper

they are commander-in-chief toxic-waste releaser. you would notice them shifting bum-bum from left to right trying to get the right spot and angle to release the missile.


The full tanker

These people are a hybrid of the aqua man and the miserly, if the ablution kettle is not full they won't stop pouring and that does not mean they would exhaust the water.


The Miserly

They are the complete opposite of aqua man, they are the chief water resources Engineering Manager.


Aqua (wo)man

You cannot distinguish between they bathing or actually washing some specific oarts. You would see them dripping with water,


Discussion Continues

They would be discussing with you as if you had a previous discussion


Fast and furious

They can complete a dozen of ablution before iman finish reciting suratul Faatiha


The stickesrs

Maa sha Allah brothers and sisters, they come with their miswak and subtly remind others about  what they are missing.


The warrior

These sect come to ablute fully-kitted but when they want to sit, they roll their sleeves, remove tie, remove everything in their pockets. you would think they would remove their shirt self.


The Ratatouille

These people are food-in-mouth specialist, they eat before, during and after ablution.

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