types of people you'll see on jumuah


The avengers

They always come in groups, they come in either chatting about something irrelevant or something not relevant.


The due collector

They are specialists in the collecting female number you would see in their cantact "rofiah jimoh nov", "bro sulayman jimoh sch" and so on..


The owanbe Vibe

Their image gallery would double after jum'ah. they take picture with anything takeable


The time keeper

They always keep to time, immediatetly its time for prayer you would see them making signals to imam.


The sleeper

They sleep immediately they enter the masjid and wake during iqamah


The deep listener

You see them shaking their head each time the imam says something that hits them.


The wallcrawler

They reserve special seat by the wall to lean during sermon


The snoozer

They doze for 5 minutes and stay awake for the next 5 minutes.


The street walker

Always come late but would find their way to a seat in the front.


The early bird

They are someetimes in the mosque before the mosque opend


Types of people you will see on jumuah

Sure mallam brings to you: Types of people you'll see on jumuah

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